Written by Ironman

24 Feb 2013

Hello,my story is about a cheating husband who i caught in my honey trap. Im a tennis coach in a indoor club in wimbledon and am very much bi.id been coaching Rima for about a year and she was very vocal about how unhappy she was about her husband the fact that he was never home always in the office or out and about with clients.well one thing led to another and i ended up sleeping with Rima quite a few times at there house,which was a really nice place in coulsdon.she is very slight in body but has got a great pairs of tits and quite a nice arse which ive fucked rigid more than once.so Rima decided that she wanted me to catch her husband out while she was away on buisness,so i gladly agreed.id never met her husband shaun but she describbed him and he sounded quite hot so i was quite looking forward to following him.

So Rima was away and she told me shaun would be at home that night which was weds my night off,so i went around there to see if i could see anything.It wasnt long before i saw shaun get in his car and set off so i followed him to a pub which i was about 20 mins away.i followed him in after id txted Rima and got myself a drink and sat down where i could see him.He was a very handsome man and he new it!!!He was standing at the bar drinking when i realized that there was hardly any women in here just men and some very camp men.What a result i thought,im getting paid to follow this bloke and i might get layed aswell,happy days.So about 10 mins had gone past and an indian man came in and went straight up to shaun and kissed him on the lips.i nearly choked on my coke,now all i had to do was get a picture as evidence then i could have some fun.i took a few pics of them as they touched each other quite freely so was job was done.i dont think that Rima new her hubby was bi,that was going to be interesting when i told her.

The indian fella went to the toilet and being quite cute i followed him in to have a good look.he was standing at the urinals so i stood right next to him and blantantly got my cock out and started stroking it gently,he looked over and was having a good look at mt manhood.his was fairly small and didnt have any hair around it,nice.this went on for a bit and i could see he was growing as hard as i was,his eyes fixed on my cock.i placed my hand on his cock and started wanking him off,he didnt make any attempt to stop me.i put my other hand on his arse and it felt good,nice and smooth and firm.he then said he was with someone so we couldnt go any further unless his partner would agree to a threesome.i couldnt believe my luck i might be getting 2 cocks tonight.this is the beauty of being bi,hardly anyone is faithful and always up for some fun.so i followed him out and over to shaun and say the hellos and within minutes i had mal the indian man in my car on the way to shauns house.Great.

When we got in i went into the kitchen with shaun whilst mal went in the living room and turned some music on then started dancing.Shaun looked me in the eye and asked if i was a bottom or top,to which i said i was both.he gave me a drink then we went into the living room to join mal,who was now standing there with just a pair of boxers on,my cock was beginning to grow.i aswell as shaun was beginning to strip off our cloths,it felt very strange as id only fucked Rima in here no more than a week ago but hey ho every holes a goal!!so mal walked over to shaun and got on his knees and started giving him head,i watched for a while whilst stroking my cock then i went over to mal and started rimming him.he had a great arse and it smelt good.shaun then said stick your cock in him hes a great fuck.so i pulled my tongue out of his arse and placed my cock by his arsehole.he pushed back and i was in,he then started pushing back against me making sure i was in him completely every time.it felt great,shaun was right he was a great fuck.this went on for a while until shaun pulled his cock out of mal mouth and came behind me and started feeling my balls.he then got on his back and started sucking them which felt really good.this was bliss,fucking a nice smooth tight arse whilst getting my balls sucked,pure magic!! i wanted a fucking aswell so i asked shaun to fuck me,to which he gleefully agreed to. he had his cock at the entrance to my arse and slowly pushed his knob in me,i was so fucking horny!! i was in a spitroast and i was loving it.it went on for quite a while until i couldnt hold my cum in any longer and shot my load into mal arse,as i tensed up my arse must have squessed against his cock as shane came in me at more or less the same time. we all just stayed there for a while until mal turned around and put his cock in my mouth so i sucked him off to completion as shaun watched on. i got up and started getting my clothes on said my goodbyes and left. i had 5 text messages from Rima asking me what was going on so i told her he just had a couple of drinks then went home.i couldnt really say he had sucked on my bollocks then fucked me up the arse as i fucked his boyfriend at the same time could i???