Written by DonKiddick101

29 Apr 2010

Last year, I had to visit a hospital in Nottingham, which I wasn't looking forward to.

But, it turned out to be a really enjoyable visit.

Just as I was heading out of the QMC entrance, I realised I needed to pay a visit to the loo.

I looked across the main reception area and saw that there was one signposted, just along the corridor, past the cafe.

As I walked in, I saw that all the urinals were occupied, but, just at that second, one of the two cubicle doors opened, and a man came out, holding the door open for me. He smiled, as we passed, which I thought was very friendly of him... (Little did I know, at that time, why he was smiling...)

I walked into the cubicle, sliding the bolt behind me, stepped forward, turned, dropped my jeans and pants, sat on the toilet, did the necessary, and reached for some toilet paper.

It was then that I noticed a series of holes in the partition wall!

My first reaction was of shock/embarrassment, and then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement through one of the holes! At an angle from my eyes, through a hole, I could see the cock of the man in the other cubicle. He was masturbating!

I could see a cock, about 7 inches in length, with a big shiny red head.

I started to feel horny, and couldn't help but start masturbating myself.

Little did I realise that the position of the hole was such that the owner of the other cock could see me masturbating too!

Then I saw movement, and the cock moved out of sight. " Oh well", I thought, "I've had my fun. The guy has had enough fun, and is leaving". But, no!

Having realised that I was masturbating, the guy thought he'd take it to the next level.

Through the largest of the holes appeared his cock! It was rock hard, and was there just for me! I was compelled to hold it, and stroke it. It raised slightly as I touched it, so I knew the owner could feel and appreciate my stroking.

I then thought "What the hell. I won't get many chances like this."

So, I leant towards the wall, and started sucking the cock. This was my first cock suck.

It seemed wierd, sexy, and risky, all at the same time. I could hear men coming and going to the urinals, and, every so often, trying the cubicle doors, but here was me with a cock in my mouth!

I sucked and licked, and sucked again, for what seemed like ages, and then the cock withdrew.

"What a pity", I thought, "it's over."

But then a finger poked briefly through the hole. I thought I'd read online that this was a signal to put your own cock through a hole, so that's what I did.

He immediately grabbed my cock, and sucked it like crazy. I came within a few minutes, and found it difficult not to scream out, as he swallowed my cum! He then squeezed every last drop out of my cock, licked it all clean, and patted it gently to indicate 'job done'.

The guy then quickly straightened up, and started dressing, just out of sight, so I couldn't see what he looked like. All I could see were jeans and white trainers.

So, I started to get dressed too.

He left the cubicle before me, and, by the time I got to the washbasins, there were a series of guys stood there, all wearing jeans and white trainers!

I quickly dried my hands and headed outside, still trying to identify 'the owner of the cock', without joy.

But, the important thing is, I'd really enjoyed it.

I'm going again, tomorrow afternoon... I wonder what I'll find...

I'd never thought I'd enjoy going to hospital so much!