Written by Remi

9 Jul 2012

So we get another summers day I'm in my garden stripped to my briefs,I'm hot a sweating and wishing there were a few of the old toilets left.Right now I'd like nothing better than to head for cool interior of one of them,they might have been smelly,but for some of us it also had the smell of sex,the great stories and drawings on the cubicle walls,and the GLORYHOLES,yes the GLORYHOLES,never knowing who it was next door,but knowing he wanted sex.

The excitement of stripping naked,slowly and deliberately,hearing the whispered that's nice,oooh lovely,how old are you,of course you lied,most males like a younger male.By the time you're naked you're as hard as fuck,you're wanking yourself,turning slowly around to let him get the maximum sight of your body.

Then its his turn and its your turn to tell him what you like doing,you tell him what a lovely cock he has,he likes that and wanks himself faster.Somebody tries your door,it opens,even if there's a lock it you don't use it,you make the slightest attempt to push it closed and he doesn't need to try too hard to open it.There is a lovely specimen of cock already through the gloryhole,you have just started sucking on it,he watches you from the open door,muttering his appreciation,he's nervous but nevertheless can't help himself he takes his cock out and starts to wank as he watches you sucking cock as you wank yourself.

He decides to join you in the cubicle,you're OK with that,open your legs a bit wider,its an invitation to him to have as much of his way with you as he wants.So many guys I've known make your balls their first port of call,gently feeling each one individually,you continue to wank as they fondle them,they move your hand off your cock and take over wanking you.

It was almost choreographed,it was time to put your cock through the gloryhole and get it sucked,the guy with you is finding it a bit hard to hold on,he watches your arse move in rythm as your cock is being sucked,he is going to do one of two things,he'll wank himself off or he'll try fucking you,if you don't want him to fuck you you take hold of his cock and wank him and even if he tries to stop you hold on,wank him harder and faster,we all know that once you've reached that point its impossible not to enjoy it or stop yourself spunking.

He goes another comes,the time passes in blissfull wanking and sucking until its time to let your own cock have its way,whatever that might be at the time.