Written by Boxershortboy

14 Feb 2011

This actually happened a couple of years ago, ive changes our names just for the story.

I was doing a job at the time which involved travelling all over the UK. There were 30 people in our department and because of the nature of the job, sometimes we would be alone on sites and sometimes there would be a couple of us there, it just depended on how big the job was. We were working in Sutton, south London for a few days and arrived at our hotel, the holiday inn in Sutton. On this job there were 5 of us, some old colleagues and a couple of new faces. After dinner in the hotel we went and sat in the bar for a good old catch up and to get to know our new workmates. I am Paul, a 38yo married guy. I met Matt who was one of the new guys, a 25yo lad. He was quite good looking, and obviously spent hours in the gym pumping iron, you could tell the type cos of his tight fitting t-shirt and that he didn't have an ounce of fat on him, although saying this he was not one of those vain losers who just went to the gym to keep looking good. He was just into keeping fit, and you could tell it worked. During the evening we swapped mobile numbers as you never know when you may need one another's help whilst on a job.

We had a couple beers and about 11pm it was time for bed. I said good night and we all went off to our rooms. I had a quick call to make to the mrs at home and i was in bed by about 11.30.

About 5 minutes after getting in bed i got a text, i immediately thought it was the wife, she often forgot to tell me things then text me after our phone calls. I got out of bed as the phone was charging on the other side of the room and opened the message. To my surprise it was off Matt, it said " hey dude, had a good night tonight, it was nice to meet you and i hope we spend some more time together soon!" i replied " yeah same here mate me too !!!" within seconds i got a reply it said " i couldn't take my eyes off that massive bulge in your jeans, it looks like you've got plenty in there mate!"

i immediately thought FUCK!!!!

What do i send back to this? By this time I was lying on my bed just wearing my tight fitting black boxers, thinking what do i reply to this, then i thought oh fuck it here goes. so i thought i would send this reply back for a laugh and see what happened "you wanna see me now mate, just lying on my bed in some very tight black boxers with a massive boner in them, hahaha" then within seconds i got this back " same here too mate, you should get your sexy ass and big hard boner up here now and let feed it to me, im stark bollock naked and horny as fuck, come and feed me your married cock and let me swallow it now, room 412" my boxers almost exploded when i read this reply. I was lying on my bed thinking FUCK what should i do, he was fit, good looking and i was unbelievably horny. Then another message, "im waiting, come on mate" i slipped a t-shirt and my jeans on and put my room key in my pocket. His room was on the floor above me and right at the end of the corridor. I was nervous as hell walking down the corridor, and then I realised in the rush to get dressed and up to his room I had not put any socks on, i was thinking what would this look like if any of the others were about?

I waited a second then quietly knocked on the door of room 412. The door opened and i walked in. The room was dark with just the light from his laptop screen illuminating the room. The door closed and Matt was stood there just wearing some of those briefs you get from the fashion stores, all patterned with a white waistband. He immediately grabbed my head and started kissing passionately. our tongues flicking each others as his hand went down my back and eventually towards my bulging boxers. I couldn't hold on any longer and started to stroke his bulge. I pulled his waistband towards me to see the most beautiful smooth 8" cock with a lovely curve in his shaft. With this he fell to his knees, started to undo my belt and opened the buttons of my jeans whilst looking me in the eye as he let my jeans drop to the floor. He buried his face into my steaming boxers and started work with his tongue and mouth. 2 fingers went into the waistband of my boxers and in one short move they were down by my ankles and my cock had disappeared into his mouth, all of it"

He sucked for a couple of minutes then stood up and said he wanted to be fucked, and fucked hard. I said not until you have fed me that big hard cock of yours. We were on the bed within seconds, naked sucking each others cocks for what seemed like ages, he was an amazin cock sucker, sliding the tip of his tongue inside the slit of my cock, just taking my bell end in his mouth and sucking it hard and he wanked my shaft. This went on for a few minutes then he repositioned himself as he led me flat on the bed. He was on top of me kissing me again and all i could taste was cock on his lips. "Now you are going to fuck me hard" he said, and with that he moved his ass to my cock and i just rammed it into him bareback. This boy could screw, he rode my cock like a pro. We were fucking for what seemed like ages, making loads of horny manly noises during our hot hard sex, i had hold of the rock hard shaft of his beautiful cock, then all of a sudden his eyes closed and he shouted " im gonna cum" with that he exploded a massive load of hot pure white spunk all over my hairy chest, and stomach and some landed on my face. He stopped riding my cock and said " my arse cant take any more" with this i threw him on the bed and said " well its going to have to mate, cos i need to shoot and your tight hot ass is going to take it! i positioned myself behind him and slammed my 8" monster inside him, i knew he was in some pain but also loving this pounding he was getting, and im sure i had done his arse some damage as there was blood all over his bed sheets, but i was so horny and HAD to empty my balls and give him this huge load of married spunk. I was hold of his hips as i rammed my cock repeatedly into him then felt my balls tighten up as my cum started to shoot. I fired a couple of shots inside him then slid my cock out of him and pumped the rest all over his smooth tits and beautiful face.

We both collapsed on the bed and stayed there for a few minutes whilst we caught our breath. After about 10 minutes i got up, quickly jumped in the shower to clean up and put my boxers back on. When i walked back into his bedroom, he was still lying on his bed, he said that was one of the best fucks he had ever had and already couldn't wait til the next time i battered his arse. I kissed him and left to go back to my room.

We have fucked a couple of times since that night, i will tell ya about those times soon.