2 Apr 2018

The other week I was on SH looking for some hot stories to jerk off to.

I'd read a few stories (thanks for some great wank material guys) and was using a little bit of baby oil for a really sensual wank, when I had a message from a local guy. We started messaging back and forth and he asked if I could come to his place for a massage and fun afterwards. I said it sounded cool but that I needed some time to clean up and would be at his place in an hour.

I headed for a shower and to clean myself out in case the "fun afterwards" involved my favourite - being fucked - God I hoped so!

Once I was ready I got in the car and drove to his place anticipating a hot time. I knocked the door and it was opened by a guy slightly older than me, in t-shirt and jeans and I could see underneath he had a nice fit body.

Once we were inside he immediately started kissing me and I welcomed his tongue into my mouth, savouring the kisses and his arms around me stroking my back and torso. After a while we headed into another room where he had set up a table ready for my massage. I stripped off and got up on the table and he told me to lie flat on my stomach, while getting out of his clothes.

He then went to my right and opened a bottle of oil which he dripped over my shoulders and down my back, which he then started to slowly massage. It felt so relaxing and hot at the same time, I was really getting so turned on at the touch of his hands on my body and we hadn't really started yet.

After a while he picked up the oil and moved down the table dribbling it up and down the backs of my legs. He started to rub up and down my legs, first my calves and then my thighs. As he massaged up my thighs his thumbs flickered into my arse cleft at the end of each stroke and he then got some more oil and started on my arse cheeks. After a short while he raised each leg in turn and moved them towards the edge of the table a bit more. He then started back on my arse cheeks, but was now moving towards my crack. He was now massaging up and down my crack with what felt like the edge of his palm, and then suddenly switched to rubbing right around my hole with the tip of a finger. God I was so horny now.

After a bit more circling he must have leant down near my arse as I felt some spit dribbling into my crack which he suddenly started using to push the tip of his finger into my welcoming hole. I couldn't believe how easily it slid in, which was thanks to the rubbing of my opening he had been doing, and of course the oil. Suddenly I felt a slight shoot of pain as he pushed the whole of one of his fingers into my arse, but the pain quickly turned to pleasure as he fingered me in and out. And then I was in ecstasy as he leant forward and I felt his tongue swirling around my hole and flicking in and out as he rimmed my arse.

After a few minutes of this, he stood up and said for me to move over onto my back, which I did revealing my raging hard-on which was a result of the intense pleasure he was giving me. As he headed up my side he reached for the oil and splashed some on my chest and down my stomach which he then started to slowly and sensually massage. I could see he also had a hard-on as he stood to my side, and as his 8" cock brushed up against my hand I opened my palm and started stroking him as he rubbed my nipples which were hardening nicely. He leant over and took one then the other nipple into his mouth as he stroked up and down my arms.

He then headed to the top of the table and, turning my head to one side, gently opened my mouth before bringing his cock towards me and proceeding to rub the tip of it around my lips. He then put his mushroom head into my mouth and I sucked on it eagerly and he then started to insert more and more of his cock until I was deep throating him while he fucked my mouth.

His moans told me he was enjoying this, but he then withdrew from my mouth and headed down to the bottom of the table. As he leant forward he reached down with his oil covered hands and slowly wanked my cock before taking me fully into his mouth. He bobbed up and down on my cock and then licked around my head and up and down my shaft before again taking me down his throat which he proceeded to fuck with my cock which was starting to feel harder than I had ever known it feel. Again I felt his finger rubbing my hole as he sucked my cock and then he slipped his oil covered finger back in all the way, soon to be joined by a second, and as he kept up the suction on my cock I shivered as he pushed a third finger into me.

In and out his fingers went as he sucked up and down my shaft, finally coming up to lick around my cockhead before he knelt up and reached for more oil to lube me up even more. Then he raised my legs and I let out a blissful sigh as I felt his tongue start lapping at my hole before the tip pushed into me and started flicking in and out sending tingles through my body. After a few minutes of this he finally pushed my legs higher and set my calves down on his shoulders.

I looked down to see him soaking his cock with oil before he shuffled forwards and I felt his head at my eager hole. With a combination of the fingering, rimming and oil he easily slid the head of his cock into my hole and I gasped as he thrust forward and I felt his whole oil-soaked shaft fill me with the warmth of his iron hard 8" cock, and felt his pubes and balls against my arse. Slowly he withdrew his cock, almost fully, before ramming it home again in one thrust with a grunt of animal pleasure. He then started fucking me with a steady rhythm, and I was lost in a mist of pleasure at the huge cock pummelling my insides.

After a few minutes of this, he pulled out of my arse and I felt cool air on my gaping hole as he flipped me over onto all fours as he knelt behind me and thrust his hot cock back into me, pumping my gullet with all his might. He then lay me on my side and I could look down and see his cock leaving and re-entering me as I tried to keep control of my lust.

Turning me back onto my back and humping away at my hole, he then grabbed my cock and started wanking me in time to his thrusts. The pleasure was building as his cock up my arse and his hand on my cock were getting faster and faster until I could tell I was about to cum. He could see in my face that the moment had arrived and while he carried on fucking he leant down and circled my cockhead with his mouth, taking all my cum into his mouth. When I finished he leaned forward and started kissing me, passing my cum into my mouth, which I eagerly swallowed as I felt his cock tighten and start to spurt string after string of his hot juice up my arse, before he finally collapsed on top of me, spent.

Now, I said at the beginning this happened the other week. Sadly it never, and remains a fantasy of mine, but if there are any offers out there - who knows...