Written by Donjoe

23 Apr 2008

His hand gently fondling my dick woke me. It was nice ,but there was no way it was going to get erect again. I looked at his , it was as limp as mine. He was keen though, he took mine in his mouth and sucked me, it hardened a bit in his hot wet mouth, he got the message. His head came away from between my legs and I sat up, he did likewise . We sat there laughing our semi hard dicks between our legs.

I,ll have to go I said, you said you are around for a couple of days he said, do you fancy coming again,if you know what I mean , we both laughed. Tomorrow , I replied . I needed to get back to my B&B and have a shower. I,ll see you about 10 in the morning. I,ll be ready he said.

And he was. It was another hot day, I was dressed in the skimpiest of briefs and shorts . He must have seen me coming , he opened the door immediately, he was completely naked, nice to see you he said, I wondred if you would come, come in. I could feel my dick rising at the sight of his naked body. Make yourself comfortable he said indicating to my shorts, I removed them. Wow , I like your undies he said, do,nt take them off just yet, they were barely containing my dick.

He came and put his arms around me, I could feel his now fully erect dick press against my stomach . He rubbed against me , he kissed me full on the lips, then his tongue was in my mouth playing with mine. I felt his hand go between our bodies, my dick was in his hand being wanked, I was rock hard now. He pulled away slightly , his hands were on my hips pushing my briefs down, he went down with them and took my dick in his mouth as I stepped out of them.

He moved my legs apart , I felt his hands caress the inside of my legs, moving slowly up to gently fondle and squeese my balls. His hand went between my legs and probed between my cheeks, a finger gently feathering my entry point. As I said before he was good. I had to pull away, now I was grabbing my dick, I stopped myself cumming. He stood with his legs apart wanking as he gave my time to get control.

OK again I took his dick from his hand , it was red hot and rock solid, I got on my knees and licked the shaft, precum was oosing from the swollen head , it tasted lovely. My mouth open wide I took it in, just touching his shaft with my tongue and lips as I moved up and down. My hands holding his cheeks, my fingers going between them probing his love hole.

His dick was getting eager in my mouth , but he pulled away in time. We both sat on the sofa, taking a break, just fondling each other. After a couple of minutes he said can I have breakfast as he squeesed my dick. It took a second or two to know what he meant. Yes I said, I,m ready for mine too, have yours first.

He got on his knees between my legs and took my dick in his mouth, he started slowly then got faster and faster. It felt great to feed his mouth, my spunk just kept coming and coming, I could feel him swallowing greedily. He kept eating me until I was completey spent. He came off my dick and sat spreadeagled on the sofa. Holding his balls I had his dick in my mouth, I could tell he was keen to feed me. His dick began to jerk , I held it tightly in my mouth and started to enjoy my breakfast. He really had built up a copious amount overnight, it tasted gorgeous, I sucked the last drops from his softening dick. We both sat back on the sofa. Its nice to share breakfast with a friend he said. I would like to stay around for lunch I said.