Written by jezboy

14 Aug 2011

You would knock on the door and say it's sir, I would totter over and open it for you. I would then go back to the middle of the room and turn to face you.

I am wearing a black Basque that holds up a pair of black lace top stockings and little black panties, I have a pair of black platform sandals on that make me really tall and to top it all off red lipstick. You stand and look at me for a while making a note that my outfit looks sexy against my manly frame. Specially my trimmed beard and hairy chest. You reach out and touch me and make me shiver with excitement as you walk round me, patting my ass and telling me how good I look.

You then stand in front of me and tell me too undress you and get you ready for me. I start to unbutton your shirt and open it up running my hands over your chest, I lean in and kiss your chest ever so lightly. Your shirt drops to the floor and I move my hands down to your belt. My hands tremble as I undo it and slowly unzip your trousers , I let them fall to the floor and you step out of them. I look at you in the eyes and you take me in your arms and kiss me passionately. You stop and say to me to get down and pull your pants down, I squat down and look at the bulge in your pants. I take hold of them and pull them down and watch as your big cock bounces in front of me.You tell me to be a good girl and show you how bad I can be. I wrap my hand around it and stroke it's length, I look up at you as I lick the end and taste it. The taste is de vine and I sink it into my mouth and suck long and slow on it. I work it in to my mouth and out making sure I lick and kiss the shaft. I cup your balls and wank your cock as I do. MMMMMM you moan in delight as I do this and you reach down and hold my head. You start slow at first as you begin to fuck my mouth only pushing gently, and not to deep. You tell me to open my throat as you want to push it deep and I do. You push as much as I can take and hold it there watching me gag and then you pull out. You do this a few times and then fuck my slutty mouth harder and faster. Suddenly you stop and tell me to stand up I do as I am told.

You walk me over to the dressing table and bend me over, you tell me I am to get a spanking as I have been a bad girl. You give me six of the best on my ass then you pull down my panties. You are pleasantly surprised to find that I am wearing a butt plug getting me ready for you. You play with it telling me how good it will feel when you replace it with your cock. After what seems like ages you pull it out and lay down on the bed. You tell me to join you and I do and I lay next to. We kiss and you stoke my clad body and tell me how sexy I look. You get me to lay on my side and you do the same behind me, I feel you putting some more lube on my hole and your cock. You move in closer and I feel your head at my entrance, you tell me to relax as you push very gentle and you start to slip in. You stop as I draw breath and wait for me to get used to it. You tell me to take control and push back on to you. I do this and bit by bit your big cock slips into me. I move my ass back and forth slow getting used to it's size, after a few min's you are in me as deep as I can take it. You start to fuck me slow and first, telling me how tight I feel round your cock. I say that it feels fantastic and beg you to fuck me and make me your naughty slut. You start to fuck me harder as I say this. Your cock slides in and out of my hole faster and harder as you push me over onto my front, now with all you on top of me you push real deep. I bury my head into the pillow and scream out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. You lean into me and say that you want to move me and you stop. You stand up first and tell me to come to the dressing table, I come too you like a good girl all wobberly on my feet. you turn me to face the table and mirror as you stand behind me. I look at you in the mirror stood behind me and you catch my gaze, you tell me to bend forward and stick my slut ass in the air. You say you are going to fuck like this and watch my face in the mirror as you do. You tell me to ask you for it if I want it. " Please sir, please put your big beautiful cock back in me. I want you to fuck me sir as i am your slut sir. I need you to cum up me sir and feel your cum in me."

I feel you slide back into my hole and you start to fuck me slowly at first. Then you build up a bit more speed all the while you are looking at me. You fuck me hard "oh yes yes sir oh" I moan as you slam your massive meat into me. You shout that you are cumin and you grab my head and yank it back so you can stare me in the eye as you fill me with your hot juices. My hole fills with heat as you shoot it up me. I can't help but scream out in ecstacy as you do this, Finally I'm your dirty slut for sure. You pull out of me and tell me to turn round and clean you up so I kneel and clean u like a good slut. I suck your cock taking it in to my mouth slowly feeling it against my tongue the taste of my slut hole on it. You start to moan and pat me on my head as I clean you as you asked. I suck you for a few min's as the cum dribbles out of my used hole. You stop and tell me to go to the bathroom where you follow me and tell me to get in the bath. I kneel down in the bath as you stand on the chair and as I look up at you, you start to piss on me. The warm liquid flows over me, in my hair on my face over my body and in my mouth. I sit there soaked in your warm liquid as you get off the chair and push your flaccid cock into my mouth and tell me to suck. You start to grow again as I do as I'm told sucking long and deep. You stop and pull out and look at me there in the bath all wet and horny and say. "Time for round 2 you dirty bitch" and drag me to the bed where you start all over again. which is another story I expect.