Written by notusual

8 Oct 2013

I regularly stay in a hotel near Andover, normally a normal place. Last week I checked in as normal, showered and left my room to head to the bar, walking through the door the guy opposite was doing the same, a stocky fella who obviously knew his way around the gym. We were polite and chatted to the bar and at the bar breaking to eat...he was definitely an army lad. After eating I stood at the bar for a bit, when he left he said goodnight to the girl being the bar and said to me 'see you in a bit yeah' odd I thought but finished my drink, as I approached my room I noticed the door opposite was open slightly. Without thinking I knocked to alert the guy his door was open, I heard 'come in then' this was very odd to me, I slowly entered to find the guy naked on the bed with his erect cock in his hand - 'you took the hint then' he said. I couldn't take my eyes off his cock, it was thinking but long with a huge head on it...he stroked it a couple of times while I gawped at it. He took the lead and asked 'are you playing or watching?'. Without thinking I approached the bed and muttered 'watching...for now. I sat and watched as he slowly stroked himself, using the full length his skin would allow,each stroke his foreskin would envelope his bell end then release it. I felt myself harden, I moved closer to it, he dipped it towards my mouth and I held my tongue out and he wiped it across it. I offered my hand towards it and took hold as he released it in my firm grip, I stroked him slowly but firmly occasionally taking the tip in my mouth. In not too much time he stiffened and arched his back and dived forward and got my face in front of him. With my help, he sprayed his load all over my face. I stroked until he was bone dry, I wiped my face, said goodnight and said 'my room tomorrow yeah?' my relieved friend nodded and smiled...