Written by Harry_22

3 Sep 2012

As is usual for a sunny day, the amount of women walking round in as close to nothing as they can get was very pleasing to the eye. I am not exactly lecherous, but it was enough to get the blood flowing.

I changed my status on the usual sites, “Settled in to my hotel room, up for some fun now...”

Impatient, I was about to go into the chat rooms within about 15 minutes, suddenly aware that 'the horn' was taking over, how much of a response would there be online at 5!? Most people would still be at work. So I chilled out and went down to get a beer from the bar. Back in my room, I checked the site, still nothing and then got myself showered and relaxed a bit.

The room looked out onto a fairly busy street. I was on the 6th floor so not really worried about being seen as I stood naked at the window. I sat down again and browsed around the chat rooms.

I latched onto a room with a few cameras on, mostly guys wanking and I was soon chatting with “Hotelguy57” figuring we would have something in common – both being in hotels!

After a brief chat it turns out that Hotelguy57 is having a cheeky browse before his wife joined him at the hotel after her day of shopping. We chatted more about the girls out and about and how the good weather is great for totty spotting with both of us admitting how horny it made us. He told me he was rock hard and I flicked over to his profile to see if there were any pictures. His was a single profile but with pics of him fucking a girl with big tits – his wife and he explained that he would be dead is she knew that they were on the web! Seeing he was bi, I suspected that she did not know about that either and I was right!

I studied his profile, stroking my own hard on as I did. “You have a great looking cock,” I told him. And then I saw his status update and my heart leapt (and my cock twitched) in excitement; it said he was in the same hotel as me!

“Holy crap,” I typed, “we are in the same hotel!”

There was a long pause and just as I was starting to think that ha had gone, Hotelguy57 sent back, “She's not back for another half hour, come to Room 410 :)”

So glad that I had already showered, I pulled on my jeans (bending my cock in awkwardly) and pumps, finishing the buttons on my shirt as I got to the door.

I guess that the 57 referred to his age, an older guy opened the door to me, half hiding around it. He led me through to main area of his room, it was much bigger than mine I notice, but I mostly paid attention to the yellow knickers, the only thing he was wearing!

“Very nice,” I complimented, “I did not have time to put any on!” I stood in front of him, unbuttoning my shirt with one hand and bending slightly to rub his cock.

“No problem,” he replied letting out a gentle moan. His shaft felt really nice in my hand and I loved how it stiffened in my grip. I forgot about my shirt and stood back to see his member, straining on the panties material.

“So nice,” I whispered, remembering how good it looked in the pictures, I was so excited to be about to experience a nice big one.

“Lie on the bed,” he instructed and I did as I was asked, peeling off my clothes with his help as I did.

“I am not the intimate kind,” I said cautiously, hoping to not break the mood.

“Oh good,” he replied to my relief and rather then lie next to me as I thought, he straddled me and dropped his face to my crotch.

A 69 awaited and I put my tongue out to lick his hard cock, even bigger now that it was so close to me, still bound in his knickers. I wrestled my hands form under him so I could touch him and I pulled the stretchy yellow aside and his cock boinged straight onto my cheek. I groaned as he moved his mouth on and off my hard on while his cock rubbed around my face, I was frantically trying to get a taste of it and my mouth chased like some kind of comedy cartoon. I got my hand to the base and at the same time Hotelguy57 twigged what was going on as well and lifted his arse up slightly. My fist closed neatly around his shaft and finally I got to lower his hot meat between my lips.

So hard and smooth, it slid in so easily, just the right size to fill my open mouth, but not to stretch it. I heard him groan again above the sound of my pounding heart and he pushed lower, edging it to the back of my throat. God, I wanted to take his length so bad, I relaxed as best as I could and I felt his helmet push deeper.

I was gutted when the gag kicked in and my muscles tried to eject him from me, I caught my breath though and put it straight back in to the encouraging voice telling me , “Good lad!”

When I gagged again, I was still not ready to admit defeat, “Roll over,” I asked him and he obliged. We shifted so that I could get between his legs and what a beautiful view, about 8 inches I reckon, standing proud. I got back to work in and instant and still could not take him all, but was soon rewarded with the salty taste of precome oozing into my mouth.

I let him fall from my mouth and I moved up, I held his cock high as I did so and then let my balls rest on his, our cocks resting against each other.

I saw Hotelguy57 glance to his left at his laptop, I had not even noticed the very hot porno playing, a cute girl taking on 2 black guys and in the bottom corner, a small countdown clock showing 10 minutes and getting fewer with each second!

“Not long, Harry,” he said, “You've gotta get me off, you can't leave me with this all night?” He chuckled nodding down to his cock as I slid my hand over them both at the same time.

I let go of mine and wanked his more deliberately, I watched closely and used my hips to rub my hard on over his balls. He lifted his legs, holding them under his knees.

“No condom!” I said dolefully as otherwise I would have quite like to fuck right then. I slid down instead to lick on his balls and then, as his groaning and shifting around encouraged me, I ventured south to lick at his arsehole.

He reacted well to my playing with his bum and so I made it as wet as I could, putting pressure on it with my tongue, I could feel it flexing under my hot wet touch.

His helmet was getting tacky in my grip and I wanted to taste his precome some more. I moved my mouth over him and lapped at his tip, wanking him faster as I did.

His breathing sped up and I sucked hard, knowing what was on its way. His body tensed and so I pushed my finger into his arse. It was tight, my saliva not keeping him wet for too long, but it had the desired effect, with a heavy grunt, a hot blast of come entered my mouth and then before I could think about it much more, another hot blast.

He tasted great, better than his precome, and although his orgasm continued, he shot no more spunk after the third squirt. I sucked hard on him to be sure and he spasmed, pretty much pushing me off him. I swallowed as he fell from my mouth, keen to not let a drop go to waste.

He lay back with his eyes shut, catching his breath. I stood quietly and pulled my clothes back on. I picked up his phone as I did and quickly tapped out a text message to myself. He heard the noise of his phone and sat up. He was relived to see I was leaving without needing any prompting. I passed him the phone.

“Now you have my number,” I smiled, “and don't worry, I am discrete!” I smiled and wished him good evening. As the door closed behind me I heard an alarm sounding and grinned knowing that Hotelguy57 would be quickly getting himself cleaned up before his wife got back!