Written by Mike

15 Jan 2017

I have always been bi sexual, enjoying male and female from sixth form onwards. I am now in my forties, still not in bad shape. However, when I was in my late teens and twenties I was in very good shape, worked out, ran, swam, played squash. I have also been lucky enough to be very well hung, please see my profile. I was at university coming home to London in the vacations. It was during the first Easter break that this event happened.

I went to visit a friend of mine who had got a vacation job as a barman in one of the five star hotels in the West End. I went reasonably smart, as I did not want to get thrown out. I was dressed in quite tight jeans, deck shoes and a tight shirt.

I sat at the bar with Dave giving me free drinks when no one was looking. Dave my friend was also bi, and he and I had planned to go to a bar and then to his room that he had at the hotel staff quarters. I had been there about forty minutes and I noticed that one of the guests was looking at me, and showing quite an interest. He was about mid thirties, quite fit and dark, middle eastern. I mentioned it to Dave and he smiling said he probably thinks you are on the game, you could earn a bit. I said dot be silly, he said look mate you are a broke student, no holiday job, you could earn a couple of hundred pounds more than I earn in two weeks. I just dismissed it as a no go.

After another twenty minutes the guy was still looking at me and then came over to the bar and sat next to me, and started to chat telling me his name and that he was in London on business from Qatar. He offered me a drink and I accepted and he invited me to his table , Dave smiled and winked. We sat down and he asked me was I did and I said I was a university student. He then said no I mean here in the hotel. I said what do you think I do, he said well what would you do for two hundred pounds? I said what ever you wanted. He said ok, come to my room. He said I like to be rough is that ok, and I said fine. I then said I wanted the money before I went to his room. We walked to the lift once in the lift he gave me the money.

His room was amazing, the bed was huge. He undressed and told me to undress. I started to undress, and he came over to me and slapped me hard backhanded across my face. I said what the fuck and he said I like it rough you cheap slut. I was undressed he got hold of my hair and forced me to my knees and then told me to take his cock, he was large, bigger than me he was about 11" cut and fucking thick. I took his cock then he held my head and started to fuck my mouth deeper and deeper I was gagging but he still went on. After what seemed like an age he told me to bend over and hold onto the bed, he then used his be,t on my arse and belted me about ten times, then he told me to lay on the bed and he used his belt across my chest, then he kissed me and pinched my nipples, and then bite them, very hard.

He told me that I was a very compliant bitch and he liked me he then told me to get on all fours and gave my arse a very deep and lovely rimming, which I adore. Then he put some baby oil inside my arse and on his cock, and entered me no finesse just in and the. Fucking me like he was a man possessed, he put his belt around my throating and pulled hard as he rode my arse, I was almost passing out and he was fucking me faster and faster, calling me names and as he tensed and his cock swelled he pulled on the belt even harder and he then came gallons, it seemed like inside my arse. When he had come, he was still hard and told me to lick him clean which I did. He then took me into the bathroom where we showered together. After that he put on a dressing gown and I dressed. He told me he was back I. Two weeks and would like to see me again. He gave me an extra fifty pounds. I had been with him about two hours, as I went down in the lift back to the lift, my arse and chest stung and nipples were sore and my arse was still open from the fucking, marks in my throat. I felt good though as I did and still do like rough sex.

When I got to the bar, Dave said fuck mate you ok, and I said yeah good. I had a couple of large whiskies and when Dave finished we went to a bar and then back to his room, we had some fun and went to sleep. I did go back two weeks later and the guy was there as he said he would be.