Written by curtisd3

19 Sep 2011

Hi, see part one about my cock sucking fun in the hotel steam room.

So, I've just taken a nice mouthful of cum from this stranger in the steam room and arranged to reconvene in 15 mins in my room. Just before leaving he shakes my hand and says "Im Matt". "Dan" i replied.

So I go to my room and have a quick shower - noticed I had some of his cum on the side of my face!

Just as I finished showering I hear a knock on the door. I don't bother with getting dressed, just put a towel round me and let him in. Without either of us saying a word he's got his tongue down my throat and hand of my arse.

We move over to the bed and he takes my towel off and gets between my legs, stroking my ever increasing hard-on. I opened my legs and he lowers his head onto my cock and startes bobbing up and down. It feels amazing and he starts carressing my balls with one hand and probing a finger into my arse with the other hand. I absolutely love this and tell him "thats amazing, suck my cock/ finger my arse etc".

He stood up, dropped his shorts and took his t-shirt off and took a tube of Durex tube from his shorts pocket. I thought "Ace, this is going to get really dirty now".

He squirted some lube on his fingers and started probing my arse again and resumed his brilliant cock sucking. About 10 minutes later I was getting very close to coming. He must have sensed this and slipped my cock from his mouth and moved down and started licking and sucking my balls - his finger still slipping in and out of my arse.

Things hotted up even more when he slipped his finger out and replaced it with his tongue and proceeded to give me a full arse fucking with his tongue. I grabbed his head and forced his tongue deeper in my arse whilst i wanked myself off.

After a while I couldn't hold back any more and pulled his head up and stuck my cock back in his mouth and face fucked him a few times then started shooting a load of cum into his mouth. He stuck his finger back into my arse as the last spurts of cum shot out of my cock. He kept clamped onto my still hard cock and milked eveything out, swallowed the lot and climbed on top of me for a full post-cum snogging session.

Over the next hour we had a beer each from the mini-fridge and talked about our sexual conquests and what we like etc.

With some caressing of each other we were soon hard again and exploring each other. We seemed to naturally end up lying down in a 69 sucking and making liberal use of the lube in each others arses with our tongues and fingers. I think we both knew we wanted to take this further and when Matt pulled his mouth away from my cock and knelt between my legs I was gagging to feel more than just his fingers or tongue in my arse.

He started wanking his cock and mine together, adding some more lube to both of them. I then pushed his cock down under my balls and rubbed it about my well lubed arsehole for a while, loving the feel as it the tip slipped and snaked around my hole and balls. The anticipation of what was about to happen was electric.

As he kissed me again I whispered "come on, fuck my tight arse". He then lined his cock up to my entrance and slowly slipped the head in first and let me get used to it, then he pushed the rest in. Due to all the tongue and finger action we'd had with the lube it didn't hurt, just felt so horny.

Matt then started to slowly fuck me - it felt amazing. he was kissing me and saying "you feel so tight etc" with me going "fuck me, fuck my arse, i wanna feel you hot cum shooting deep in my arse etc etc"

Matt fucked my for about 10 minutes missionary style, and I then get on my hands and knees and invited him to fuck me doggy style. He stuck his tongue back in my arse first for a few licks then his cock again. He announced he was coming and grabbed my hips and started to pound into my faster and harder and then lurched and shouted "fuck, im coming in your arse". I added to the heat by again encouraging him to "fuck me, shoot that hot spunk in me" I was loving it - playing the part of a slutty fucker you'd see and hear in porn films.

Matt slowed down and stayed stuck in my arse for a few minutes, telling me thats the best fuck he's ever had etc.

I let him slip out of my arse and told him to get on all fours. I then tongue fucked his lovely arse for a few minutes, then scooped some of his cum that was dribbling out of my arse and fingered nhim with it.

I said "Im going to enjoy shooting my load into you while your cum is seeping out of my arse". "fuck me" was all he said as I inched my rock hard cock into his tight hole and gave him a nice long fuck. I lasted about 15 minutes and we'd changed from doggy to missionary as I pounded into his hole and he reached underneath and played with my balls and fingered my cum filled arsehole. I shot about 5 spurts deep into his arse whilst he had his tongue in my mouth telling me to fuck him, cum inside him.

After a while we disentagled and spent another hour or so together resulting in us both fucking each others cum filled arses once more. We both lasted quite a bit longer this time and added some more cum to our holes.

He left around midnight and I'm due back to Leicester next week where he promised to meet up again for some more fun. He talked about a mate of his who might be up for a male 3 sum and there's a chance I can get my ex there - she's seen me suck a guy off but never getting fucked.

Maybe all four of us together ....?