Written by glosterash

29 Dec 2014

I never considered myself as bi but that changed on a summers night in Gloucester! This was going back 11 years ago when I was in my late teens. I was feeling naughty and just had to cure my urge! I have always had a thing for older women but sadly the opportunities were not forth coming on that particular evening! I went for a drive and ended up in the countryside still feeling horny as hell! I pulled into a lay by and just had to have a little play! I closed my eyes and gripped my shaft through my shorts, my cock pulsing and twitching like mad thinking of a sexy mature lady! Then I was suddenly startled by a tap on my window. I looked up and saw a well dressed man in his early 60's smiling at me. Panic stations all round, what should I do? My initial reaction was to drive off but for some reason the glint in his eye stopped me!

I got out and apologised for being caught in the moment, he laughed and said he didn't mean to startle me and was enjoying the view. Taken back by his comment it suddenly hit me that this older gentleman was hitting on me and to his credit he had a hold on me! My cock was still hard and he noticed my shorts straining! You better relieve that tension he said as he leaned into me. He then whispered follow me. Transfixed I did as he said and I got into a very nice 4x4.

As soon as I was in his hands were all over me and he had my cock out in seconds! Slowly wanking me whilst looking me in the eye. My heart pounding I knew I wanted his and I reached to his groin! Wow it was huge, I whipped his full length out and it must have been 10 inches! His cock was glistening with pre cum and looked so good I had to taste it and it did not disappoint! I sucked him for 20 mins and loved every second. He said to stop as he was close, I did as he said then he repaid the favour! He was an oral expert and had me gasping as my seed started to rise! He knew this and sucked harder until I shot my load like a volcano! He swallowed the lot and said get down there! I started sucking him again as he fingered me! It hurt and I felt uncomfortable so I sucked harder so he would cum quickly! He was cuming within seconds and cum was all over my face! He licked it off and said he wanted my arse! I was to scared of his massive cock as it was hard to suck let alone have up my virgin arse (still is by the way). He laughed and said maybe next time! Sadly there was no next time but I can assure you I like older women and men now! Sadly don't find many in Gloucestershire who like younger men. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place?