Written by Mike

14 Feb 2018

I’d been sucking cock for years, and I love the feeling of a hard cock pumping its hot seed down my throat. Of course like a good cum lover I never waste a drop, drinking it all down. But I hadn’t really admitted to myself how much of a cumslut I really was. Until this week…..

I was in Belgium on business, I had a day to myself so I thought I’d go to the local gay sauna and see if I could find some nice cock to play enjoy. The place was an old 19th century house with interesting features and I wandered around exploring the Jacuzzi, the sauna and the video rooms. It was early afternoon so not many guys were in, but as I settled into the Jacuzzi, it didn’t take long for another guy around my age to come in and sit opposite me. We smiled at one another and I could feel the excitement of knowing that he’d be my first cock of the day.

Slowly we moved closer until we were caressing each other’s cocks, both fully hard by now. After feeling the decent girth of his cock, I pulled him up out of the water and took him in my mouth. As always it felt wonderful to have my mouth filled with cock. We took turns sucking one another and he played with my ass with the tip of his cock but didn’t go in. Then he moved on and I was left achingly hard and hungry for cum. I definitely needed some down my hungry throat.

There was no one else in the sauna/Jacuzzi area so I moved to the upstairs rooms where there are private play rooms and a video room. While exploring the maze of corridors leading to the play rooms, I met a fit, slim, Asian guy, maybe 30 years old. I’m attracted to slim, smooth bodies like his so I stopped. He turned and we began to explore each others’ bodies. It didn’t take long for both of us to be rock hard in each others’ hands and I dropped to my knees in the corridor to suck him. After a while (and some compliments on my technique) he ushered us into a private room. There I immediately went to work on his cock with relish. It wasn’t huge, maybe just under 6” but it still felt good in my mouth. Teasing his hard nipples sent him over the edge and I was rewarded by a delicious salty sweet load in my mouth, which, of course, I drank down, looking up at him and thanking him for feeding me.

He moved off and I went back to the video room. In there was another fit, slim guy, about 55 but in good shape. He was watching the guys on screen suck each other and was already hard as he played with himself. I sat besides him, we nodded to one another and quickly I moved closer to touch his leg, then up his thigh, soon reaching his beautiful stiff tool. He opened his legs a bit wider for me and I moved into place, on my knees in front of him, one step lower on viewing benches and took him all into my mouth. His rhythmic movements and sighs told me he was enjoying himself a lot. His cock was so good in my mouth. He must have had plenty of precum because all the time I was sucking him I could taste the salty goodness oozing from his aching cock. It just tasted so good I couldn’t stop sucking him. After a while we switched positions and he was stroking my cock expertly. I am normally more active than receptive in these scenarios but he was good so I let myself drop into the pleasure of his touch as he explored my body, focusing on my chest and nipples and thighs as well as my cock.

At some point I had my eyes closed and when I opened them there was another man sat besides me. As I made eye contact his hand started to caress me too. It felt so hot to be touched by these two guys. After a while sadly the second guy moved off and I switched places with the guy who was stroking me and went back down on my knees (my favourite position). Another older man was sat on the bench along from my new friend. He wasn’t good looking, though he was slim. He must have been mid 60s – way older than the type of guy I like to play with so I ignored him.

I went on sucking my friend enjoying the feeling of his hardness and smooth balls as they played all over my face and down my throat. And then I looked over at the old guy. He was fully erect and had the most beautiful cock – around 8”, uncut and well girthed – just what I love to feel. I said to myself ‘he’s old and not attractive, no thanks’ and I went back to sucking my guy. By this time I had had him in my mouth for about 15 minutes and I was now begging him to cum in my mouth. But he didn’t want to. I could see he wasn’t going to feed me my second load of the day (my personal best has been two loads in one day so far). And my eyes kept wandering back to the old guy with the gorgeous big cock. I couldn’t get the idea of having him in my mouth out of my mind, no matter how hard I tried. He was ugly but I wanted his cock.

Eventually I just had to give in, I couldn’t resist such a fucking lovely cock. I moved over to him and started playing with him while I continued to suck the first guy. Then I moved in to suck the new cock. It felt just as good in my mouth as I’d imagined and I was not at all bothered by any other thoughts than that I must have his cock in my mouth. The first guy felt a bit disappointed I think (well, he should have fed me!) so he moved away. I concentrated on the big new loving every inch of it as it disappeared down my open throat.

After a while he too decided not to cum yet and moved away, leaving me gasping for air and still cum hungry. I sat in the room a bit longer and a couple more guys came in and I sucked them too for a while, but still no cum until I was left in there with another old, quite ugly guy. I definitely wasn’t going to suck him. I mad e a move to leave the room, thinking to look for more new cock in another room. But as I did I couldn’t help noticing how incredibly fat his cock was. He had on a cock ring so that helped to keep him engorge but I have never seen such a fat cock. Again in that split second I knew I had to have it in my mouth. Beginning to accepting that my desire for good cock was now taking over from any other rational thought, I went straight down on my knees in front of his beautiful hard, massive member. It also must have been about 7” but it was so fat that my mouth could barely reach around it. It felt so good to stretch my mouth like this, his fat know filling my insatiable mouth.

And I’d still only had one hot load to taste. But luckily, not for long. My sucking soon brought him to a quite big orgasm. I could feel his hot spunk pumping into my mouth and I made sure that my lips were sealed around him so as not to waste a drop. I held him in my mouth until he softened and he left, happy.

I rested again, my jaw beginning to ache by now. Just then the young Asian guy that I’d started my day with came back in. We smiled at one another and he sat next to me. Of course I went straight for his cock, taking it into my mouth again. Tasting him knowing that I’d already made him cum was a hot feeling. It didn’t take long for him to get fully turned on again and before long I was rewarded with another smaller but equally delicious load down my throat. I went on sucking him and he even managed a tiny third squirt too, all three loads now safely in my stomach.

At this point I thought I’d had enough. I was thinking about leaving and going to shower and go home. But it just as I was about to get up another younger guy came in. I’d seen him in the showers downstairs earlier so I knew he had a good cock too (are all cocks in Belgium so fucking hot and big, I have no idea but this place was bursting with amazing cock).

He was a bit unsure, maybe he hadn’t been to many gay saunas, I don’t know. But he tentatively approached me and I made an encouraging sign with my hand and then my open mouth. Standing in front of me he let the towel fall away revealing his growing semi. I didn’t waste time with my hands but just moved straight in with my mouth, taking him in, feeling him grow in me (such a good feeling). He had to stop himself from cumming a few times but eventually he gave in to my hungry mouth. He pulled out just as he came shooting over my chest. It felt to great to feel his spunk hit my chest and hand and drip down. But I wasn’t going to let any go to waste. Quickly I gathered up all that I could from my hand and chest and scooped it into my mouth.

And this is the moment that I knew I was a true cumslut. I found myself wondering if any of it had gone onto the floor. I remember thinking to myself, ‘Well, if it has I’ll lick it up because I don’t want to waste it’. The thought of licking up his fresh cum from the grubby sauna floor was a bit revolting but I knew I’d do it. That was when I knew I was a true cumslut.

I finished my day by a look into the sauna to unwind a bit more before heading out into the cold evening. The first old guy I’d sucked was there and proceeded to feel me up. With a sensitive touch and a couple of fingers in my ass it wasn’t long before I was rewarded with my own hot load shooting over my belly. Which of course I lapped up too. I’d sucked at least 7 cocks (I kind of lost count at some point in my lust for cock) I think I’d taken 4 or 5 loads (depending if the Asian guy came 2 or 3 times) from 3 different guys, plus my own sweet seed as a dessert.

And I was still hungry for more. If there had been more guys in, I would have gone on but the place was quite empty sadly. So it seems that I have yet to find the limit of my capacity for cock and cum. I hope I’ll discover it some day, though maybe I’m just an insatiable cum slut. If you’d asked me earlier in the day if I would have sucked those old guys I would have been revolted and said No way. But since their cocks were so great I just couldn’t resist them. And I know I want more now too.

This adventure was only a few days ago but I can already feel my desire to go back to more saunas for more adventures. I know its coming (as it were!)