Written by Love Thy Neighbour

20 Feb 2013

By now Dave's cock was deep in my mouth and he sounded like he was enjoying it so I guessed I was doing something right. I sucked him long and deep and enjoyed myself, as well as pleasing him. I had never imagined taking a cock in my mouth, but here I was doing it and it felt so good and natural that I wondered why I hadn't tried before.

Dave then started to move his hips as he thrust more into my mouth, I realised he was using my mouth as a pussy, something I had done before. I felt him get very hard and he said he was about to come. I think this was a warning so I could take him out, but I just wanted to please him like a good girl, so I pulled him in closer and he started breathing harder and quicker, before his whole body convulsed and he released all his hot come in my mouth. It tasted so much better than I thought it would and I happily and greedily swallowed it al before licking his cock clean and then coming back up face-to-face with him. He looked me in the eyes and gently touched my face before telling me how amazing that was and it was easily the best blow-job he'd ever had. I don't know if he was just saying that but it made me feel good and I kissed him deeply and passionately.

I was still wearing my dress, so I slipped out of it to show my man the lovely underwear he had bought me, before we settled into bed and spooned, Dave holding me tight and kissing my neck ever so gently.

After about half-an-hour he started to move his hands lover my body and tell me how sexy I felt, just how he liked his girl to be. He pushed into my back as he held me tight and I could feel his naked cock against me, I knew he wanted to go one step further, I wasn't sure but I was so heady with lust I just let him continue.

He turned me around and started kissing me all over, my lips, face, neck, arms body and the tops of my legs, it was so erotic, I was putty in his hands.

I responded and kissed him back and played with his lovely cock making sure he kept nice and hard for whatever was coming next -as if I didn't know!

His hand then went into my knickers and his fingers felt my tight virgin hole. He gently and slowly started to finger me before he turned me onto my front pulled my panties to one side and began licking me. This was just amazing, the feeling was just unimaginable, I didn't want him to stop, but he did and turned my on my back as he positioned himself between my wide open legs.

"Do you want to? " he whispered.

"More than you can imagine" was my reply.

Dave then lifted my legs and went down on me again, licking and probing, getting me very wet, he then looked up and began kissing me on the lips as he guided his cock into my tight hole. It hurt so much as this was my first time, but I didn't want to let him know, as I now wanted him inside me. After some gentle pushing he was deep in me and I could feel every part of his lovely cock as he thrust gently in-and-out.

He made love to me as he looked me in the eyes and I could see the enjoyment on his face, then his thrusts quickened and he started to push deeper and harder, by now I was really enjoying it and I called out for him to come in me and make me his.

At this Dave exploded inside me, it was a wonderful feeling and he had made me his, I knew there was no going back now, I wanted more of this. His strokes slowed down before his kissed me long and hard as he withdrew from my wet hole. Wow it was simply amazing.

We then fell asleep in each others arms, waking up to kiss throughout the night and make love twice more, once as a doggy style with me on all fours and then my new lover took me out of bed and bent me across a table as he let me watch us in the huge mirror on the wall.

In the morning we kissed and enjoyed each other again, before Dave returned to his room, leaving me alone with my thoughts and memories.

Where was it to go from here?