Written by petula69

6 Jun 2013

This is a true account of a meet I had last Friday evening with two gay guy's called Howard and James.Howard had contacted me on a gay site, enquiring as to whether I would be interested in a gay threesome at his place. Howard was 56 and James was 23 and they met regularly on a Friday evening at Howard's and were looking for another guy to join them. I replied to Howard's message stating I was definitely interested and so we set up the meet for the Friday.

With Howard's address details and the aid of my satnav in the car it took about 30 minutes driving to get to his place which was a lovely, looking cottage just outside Usk in South Wales.Feeling nervous but very excited too, I walked up to the front door and rang the bell.Howard answered wearing a dressing gown and he certainly didn't look 56, with his thick mop of dark curly face and young looking face.He was very tall, slim and he smiled and invited me in.

" Hi! I'm Howard" He said offering me his hand.

" I'm Edward" I replied, shaking his offered hand.

" Follow me I will introduce you to James" Howard said walking down the short hallway. I closed the door behind me and followed Howard into a huge living room.On he sofa was sat a really young looking guy, with shoulder length, blonde wavy hair and a pretty boy face.

"James this is Edward" Howard said making the introduction. James was also in a dressing gown and when he stood up he too was very tall, making me feel a little intimidated as they both towered over me. James and I shook hands and Howard offered me a glass of wine.James sat back down and picked up a remote and pointed it at a huge flat screen TV that was hanging on the wall. The TV came to life showing a gay porn film showing a black guy fucking a white guy really hard.

" Want to get out of those clothes Edward?" Howard said as he returned with three glasses of wine.As I started to undress Howard undid his dressing gown and let it drop to the floor around his ankles. For his age he was in very good condition and he was totally hairless which looked very sexy.His uncut cock hung down between his smooth legs and it was quite long and very thick.As I finished undressing I stood there feeling a bit awkward with my cock sticking out fully erect.

" Oh yes! lovely smooth cock Edward" Howard said, smiling.

James stood up and he too removed his dressing gown.

" Oh my God!" I couldn't help blurting it out as I saw James's huge cock, sticking out and curving downwards with a lovely big cock head. Howard laughed at my surprised reaction.

" Lovely isn't it Edward?" Howard said

" Certainly the biggest I've seen" I replied unable to take my eyes off James's enormous cock

" ten inches when we last measured it" Howard said, laughing.

The moaning and groaning from the porn film filled the room as Howard gently took my hard cock in his hand and started stroking me.

" Oh lovely, lot's of precum already" Howard said as he rubbed my wet cockhead with his fingers.

" Why don't you kneel down Edward, I need my cock sucked" Howard said, his tone now changed and sounding more dominant which I liked.I noticed James wanking his huge cock slowly as I sank to my knees in front of Howard. I started teasing Howard's foreskin with my tongue, licking all around it as his cock began to stiffen causing the foreskin to draw back, revealing a nice cock head.I breathed in the lovely aroma of his cock as I licked his cockhead, tasting his lovely precum as it started to leak out.Howard's cock was very thick, stretching my mouth wide as I slid my lips over it and started to suck it.

" Oh fuck! that's good" Howard moaned as I performed my oral skills on his lovely, thick cock.

He held my head still with his hands and started to face fuck me, sliding his hard cock in and out of my mouth.James stood up to join us and started rubbing his cock against my face as I tried to concentrate on sucking Howard.I thought Howard was close to cumming as he was moaning and groaning so loudly.But he pulled his cock out of my mouth before he cum too soon.

" Oh my! you certainly know how to suck cock Edward" Howard said, sitting down on the sofa.

Now James took over as he rubbed his huge cockhead all around my mouth. His cock gave off a lovely, strong aroma of pure sex, as I licked all over his plum sized cockhead.His cock was so big that when he slipped the head inside my mouth My jaw was stretched to it's limit. I started sucking it, making loud slurping noises as I did so.

"Howard's right you are good Edward" James moaned.I continued to suck James feeling my jaw starting to ache but loving the feeling of having this enormous cock in my mouth.

"Your turn Now Edward, come and sit down" Howard said patting the sofa.

James slipped his cock from my mouth and I got up and sat next to Howard.He started wanking me then he lowered his head down between my legs and started sucking my cock. He was very good and it felt amazing as his warm wet mouth worked it's magic on my cock.Howard changed positions, moving off the sofa and kneeling on the floor between my legs.

" Lift your legs up" He said.

I did as Howard said and s I lifted them up, he grabbed my thighs and spread my legs wide.

" MMMMMMM lovely smooth arse" he said as he buried his face between my legs and started tonguing my smooth, tight hole. As Howard gave me a lovely rimming, James knelt on the sofa next to me, feeding his huge cock into my mouth again.

Howard knelt back up and then with his hard wet cock started to push against my tight bum hole.

" Shall I fuck you Edward?" Howard asked

" Yes fuck my arse" I moaned, feeling so horny.

I felt Howard pushing and I tried to relax. I pushed back against him and I felt my tight arse opening up as his hard cock slipped inside me. James was stretching my mouth wide as I continued sucking his big cockhead.Then I felt Howard slide all the way into my arse . I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't feel too painful which usually happened when someone started to fuck me. In fact it started to feel really good as Howard began fucking me harder and faster.

" Oh fuck! I'm going to cum" It was James who was close.

" Cum in his mouth James" Howard said as he continued to ram his thick cock into my arse.

I felt James go tense and as I worked my tongue around his cockhead, he spurted a huge cumload into my mouth. He seemed to go on spurting for ages as he filled my mouth with his lovely, thick cumload.I gulped it all down loving the bitter sweet, tangy taste as it slid down my throat. James collapsed in a heap on the sofa as Howard pumped my arse with his cock.

It felt amazing and I started to wank myself as Howard got closer to cumming.

" Oh here it is, I'm going to cum in your arse Edward" Howard groaned.

I felt Howards cock twitch suddenly inside me as he started to cum. I wanked my cock faster as I felt him spurting my cum inside me and I started to cum too, spurting a huge load over my stomach.

When we had all recovered we sat on the sofa, had another glass of wine and chatted about the horny evening we all had enjoyed. I stayed for a while longer and eventually left and we all agreed we would love to do this again soon. Maybe next time I will see if I can take James's enormous cock in my arse.