Written by the_wilko

10 Jan 2009

After writing my story on here about my bi awakening at the Neptune Sauna I was aware that I could no longer call myself straight and that I was bi.

I loved the feel of those two cocks in my mouth at Neptune and wanted more, so I put an ad on here looking for a guy who wanted to meet for me to wank/suck him. I got loads of enquiries and picked one guy who sent a pic of what looked like the biggest cock I'd ever seen. We arranged to meet in a pub car park near my house and then he'd drive us back to my house and have our fun here.

The time was set for late on a Saturday night and I got there just in time to see his car pull in. He saw me looking and waved me over and I nervously strolled to his car and let myself into the front passenger seat. We exchanged pleasantries before he started the car back up and asked for directions to my house.

The car was full of tension as he pulled up just outside my house and I released my seat belt and opened the door. He quickly got out of the car and followed me to my front door. I unlocked my front door and let us both in. We took off our shoes and I motioned him to follow me upstairs. I turned the light on in the spare room and began to take off my clothes. He liked what he saw and followed suit.

As I laid my naked body on the bed I grabbed my soft cock and began to work it between my hands and felt it harden as I did so. He was soon naked and I can honestly say that I never imagined a cock could look so big. It was still soft but was as big as mine (which is by no means small). He laid next to me and we both began to stroke our own cocks. It wasn't long before he was rock hard and the size, girth and bend of this cock made me need to grab it at once. I reached over and took the base of his cock in my hand. It felt hard as iron and I started to stroke up and down the length as he reached over and began to wank me making me moan as his cold hands expertly teased my cock and balls.

I moved down the bed to get a closer look at this monster and its magnificent purple helmet. I could hold back no more and moved my tongue to lick the shaft up and down before sucking his balls. I opened as wide as I could so I could fit this fine specimen in my mouth. I began to suck and, despite my relative inexperience, could sense that I was doing a good job. I sucked and wanked for about five minutes before pulling it out of my mouth. I was so turned on by the saliva that dripped down his cock as I released it. I started on it again with my mouth before his moans let me know he was close. I wanted it all in my mouth so I gripped harder and swallowed as much of the considerable load that he unleashed down my throat. It tasted good and I laid back with a grin on my face which still had cum dripping down my cheek.

He wasted no time in grabbing my cock and was soon pumping my shaft with his hand. I just let go and cum in his hand as an orgasm ripped through me.

We cleaned ourselves up and he left vowing to meet again which we did last WED. If you wanna know more, leave a comment and I'll tell the rest. If you're in Hull and looking for a suck also leave a comment/