Written by tony

10 Jan 2010

well i wrote a couple of weeks ago about mychats with guys online and my cam wanking for them ,one guy james has been trying to get me to meet him at his house, it took a while for me to pluck up courage but last weekend my wife had a weekend away at her sisters and on the spur of the moment i rang james and said if he still wanted me to come to him i am ready,he was very up for it and told me not to worry about anything as he would take the lead. it was quite a drive to him as i was all sorts of feelings horny but nervous then guilty at what i was going to do.i sat outside his house and almost left when he opened the door and came over to me , after introducing himself and i likewise.he said he had watched me from the window as he knew i would have doubtsbut as i,d stayed he came out. we went inside and he gave me a strong brandy with coke,which i drank almost in one go.feeling better now.he stood behind me and massaged my shoulders which sent a shiver down my back, i started to go hard now and i know he was watching for it.as soon as it became obvious he kissed the back of my neck and pushed his hands down my shirt, i lent back and let him massaged my stomache and chest , by now i was rock hard and so was he i could feel him on my back,before i knew it he had opened my trousers and pulled my cock out it was fabulous,i have never felt so hot and hornyhe told me to just enjoy what he was going to do to me , so i relaxed and boy was it hot after kissing my belly he kissed my cock and balls i was almost thrusting it at him now,he rubbed me gently saying not too fast we must make it last as after you cum you may not want anymore as you may feel different then.all i wanted now was to cumi told him this , he said ok enjoy it then and sucked me till i came, i dont think i have ever been so horny and it was a cum like never before i was exhausted afterwards. we sat and chatted for a while then he asked if i was ok for him to hold my cock again i said yes please and then we went into the bedroom where he asked what i like most in sex . i,ll tell more next time .if you want me to.