Written by Harry_22

8 Oct 2012

This is part fantasy, but is based around some meetings I have had. I hope you enjoy...

Mark and I met online in a chatroom. Drunk and horny one night I had dressed up and put on a bit of a show with my then favourite black dildo. A few days later I was back in the room and he remembered so we got chatting. He described me as a nice bit of fun when his wife had gone out, not in the least because she never dressed up in lingerie or got up to anything saucy like that! We chatted several times over the coming weeks, his wife work shifts so I would often come home from work to an MSN ping from him for a chat. On occasions when I was in the mood to wear my undies, I would shower and he would ask me to set up my webcam so he could watch me get dressed. We would chat very rudely and he would tell me off when I got hard which made me laugh. Then of course, his chastising of me would turn me on, he soon twigged on that I like being spanked and so he would tell me what my hard cock would earn me. Although I had never been spanked by a man, this aroused me more than I would let on. Soon he upgraded to chat by text and it was not unusual to get a messages from him in the day asking what I was wearing. We encouraged each other a lot without really trying and soon I found myself on the phone to him, telling him about my outfit, or the lingerie set I would wear out that night and I would listen to him heavy breathe and wank until he grunted out an orgasm.

As it would turn out, our online chat, texting and phone calls soon became Mark telling me what to wear, what to talk to him about and then, what I should do! He was not dominant exactly, just very assertive and I found it very sexy. For example, the night I let him know that I was so horny that I needed some cock, he told me what to wear and suggested that I text him once I managed to get a cock encounter and tell him all about it. I wanted cock bad, but I also found that I wanted to tell Mark about it too.

An hour later was on my knees in my living room, a guy I had met a few times, Terry, was free and happy to come round and let me blow him. He was shocked to see me in my undies, a silky pair of loose french knickers with a matching camisole top, standing behind the door. I led him through and he relaxed on the sofa, watching some german lesbian porn while I unzipped him. His cock is about 7 inches and fairly thick so it is quite a challenge to blow him. He seemed a bit bemused by the session (but text me later that he found it very hot!). After about 10 minutes of me blowing him, my cock was aching I was so pleased at how hard he was, I had a kinky idea. I checked Terry was cool with it and then I text Mark. His reply came back quickly, 'He can come where he likes, but I want a picture!'

Terry grinned and took the phone off me, he began snapping pictures straight away and I buried his cock back in my mouth.

“Wank it over your face,” Terry instructed me and I moved back obligingly. I set my tongue out and rested his fat helmet on it and then took his shaft in my hand. I worked hard to keep my mouth in place, licking at his cock a little too. When his come came, it took by surprise as he shot with the first twitch of his cock. I saw a thick, short squirt of jizz erupt from his cock and then another. The first one landed on my cheek while the next one shot up and hit my hair. A final load landed, strung across my lips and I felt so pleased to the my phone click a photo just as it happened!

Terry was dressed and gone in a couple of minutes, he let himself out while I wanked my cock through my knickers. I emailed Mark the pic of my lips with a thick line of come on them and told him I was so hard he would spank me all night.

There was no reply from Mark. I was disappointed, but it turned out (as it often did) that his wife had got home early so he had shut down. He text me at 1am telling me that she was asleep. I let him know that I had gone to bed, still hard and wearing my undies. His reply blew me away, 'Fucked Sue when she got in, she wore the knew knickers, I bought, the ones that match the ones your wear now!'

'She's so lucky!' I replied and he simply let know, 'Patience, Harry, your time will come, my little slut!'