Written by Terence

14 Oct 2009

i,ve been reading stories on here for some time.i,m a young man like others whos not sure,a few times i went in toilets but pannicked.i tried some swimming baths when it was quiet.nothing happened at first never anybody in there much,then an old chap started to show an interest.like in another story he would peep at me in the changing rooms,he was nearly always in there when i was in.he would use a towell around himself if there was anybody else in there but if we were alone he wouldnt bother.

he had a long dick no foreskin hanging down over a pair of big balls.he never did anything like wanking himself or anything.i dont know why but i bought some pairs of thongs,some thing told me he liked seeing me in my undies.it was just a feeling i had,or maybe i liked being seen in undies.

i saw him looking at them when i put them on seat where i was changing,he was faffing about naked.there was only the 2 of us there.i kept my towell around me as i put them on then took my towell away.only a young lad like you could wear them he suddenly said,youve got the body,there nice.he looked me up and down,i could feel myself go red.you dont need to be shy with me he said,i wouldnt be shy if i had a body like yours id show it off.

i wasnt hurrying to get dressed.theyre called thongs arent they he said,theyre nice.heve i seen you at the toilets on dixon road he asked,i know ive seen a young lad in a thong about your age.it wasnt me i said.that answered my question.you make me feel old fashioned with these he said as he picked up his underpants but id better get myself covered up before somebody comes in.i suddenly saw that his dick had started to become erect.theres not much room in one of them,he pointed to my thong,if you get a hard on.sorry about this he said as he looked down at his dick which had got almost fully erect but im sure ive seen you in them toilets.

his underpants werent that big,white slips which just about covered his dick.are you here tomorrow he asked,yes i said.i,ll see you then he said and left.

i couldnt wait for the following day,i didnt wank or anything.i wanted him to be there.he was we both had a swim he kept watching me.once i left the baths he followed me to the changing room.it was the first time he saw my dick,id removed my trunks before he arrived.i was feeling randy.even nicer he said as he didnt peep this time,he looked.your not the lad from the toilets he said,thats much bigger than his.he took his shorts off,his dick started to stand up,mine started to become erect.i picked up my pair of thongs a different pair from ysterday.dont put them on just yet he said i want to just look at you.he for the first time took his dick in his hand and started to very slowly wank himself.id never ever seen a man do that before.i was nervous somebody would come in but hoped they wouldnt.i just sat on the seat watching him,my own dick was fully erect standing up between my legs,rub yourself he said,let me see you.i started to wank myself,i couldnt stop shaking.we heard someone coming,we both wraooed our towells around ourselves.he got dressed and left,i felt so dissapointed.he was waiting in his car in the carpark,he called me over.come with me to the toilets he said,its safer there.come on youll be alright.

i got in his car,its about 10 minutes he said as he undid his trousers and took his dick out then put his hand onthe front of mine and felt my dick through them.open them he whispered,i did he put his hand inside and gently squeesed me through the thong.i let myself get erect in his hand.there was nobody in the toilets when we got there,he led me into a cubicle,i still had an erection.he undid my shirt and took it off.he undid my trousers i stepped out of them.you are beautiful he said as his hand felt my dick and my balls.i let him push my thong off and for the first time a mans hand held my dick.i was in another world.