Written by Alan

14 Dec 2009

Ive found how to do capitals..I was useless at school at writing..I didnt like school anyway..I was always getting stick.particularly in the changing rooms..Anyway after having sex with ken and keith.ken dropped us back at the baths..Keith again got in the back of the car with me and again he had his hand inside my trousers trying to wank me off again..He owned a big car and as he was going by where i lived he said hed drop me off..Ive got my own flat..He never stopped talking dirty..I was in my flat on saturday evening and the doorbell rang..I was just wearing my dressing gown.one of them small ones..I went to the door and keith was standing there..i wasnt expecting that..there was no doubt what he was after..Hello he said.can i come in you smell nice he said..Id just had a shower..Id been trying to wank myself off but it wasnt working..I let him come in..As i walked in front of him into my living room he lifted up the back of my dressing gown and started feeling my cheeks..I didnt stop him..I didnt stop him either when he undid my dressing gown and took it off..I was naked and i had just done my pubes...His hands were all over me.i just let him play with me..He took his cock out and started wanking himself then he said will you come to my place i want to show you something..Ill bring you back home later..I was up for it.I needed a good wanking..He followed me into the bedroom..just wear your pants and top he said dont put anything on underneath..Ive got things..ok by me....In the car he said open your pants and as he drove he started wanking me again..talking dirtier and dirtier...He lives in a big detatched house.very posh..In the house he poured some drinks..I think it was vodka..I know it went to my head..Take them off he said..once I was naked he started to maul me again then he stripped all his own clothes off grabbed me and started rubbing his cock all over me..Give me a sucking he said pushing my head between his legs..considering he was sweating like a pig his cock didnt taste that bad..He was grunting like a pig as well ..He held my head and I gave him a really good sucking..He pulled me off his cock and said come on..we ended up in a bedroom with a huge telly..He took a load of womens underwear out of a drawer...You know Im going to shag you he said.have you been shagged before..I hadnt but ive put plenty of things up my arse..I didnt think id have a problem with his cock...He put a video on it had fellas wanking and sucking each other..there were 3 of them all naked..He picked up a bra and started putting it on me..rubbing his cock against mine as he did it..He got knickers and knelt in front of me holding them for me to step into them..then started to suck on my cock as he pulled them up..He was doing everything to me that was happening on the video..he was leaking precum all over me..several times he bent me fully over pulled the knickers down and licked my arsehole pushing his tongue inside all the time wanking on his own cock and mine..The fellas on the video started to shag each others arses..Id never seen that before but it looked good..we both watched as they started pushing their cocks up each others arses..the camera going between their legs to get close ups..I liked it..he pushed the knickers down and off and bent me over spreading my legs apart my hands resting on a stool..he pushed his tongue back into my arsehole then licked all over my ring..he spat in his hand and rubbed it onto his cock..They were shagging the arse off each other on the video...I felt the pulsing head of his cock touch my hole...he was grunting louder and louder...He pushed straight into me it didnt hurt a bit..he grabbed my hips and started shagging me...I loved it...one of his hands grabbed my cock and started wanking me really fast..his cock moving faster and faster in and out of my arse..it felt huge inside me..I could tell he was spunking by the swelling of his cock..he timed it with the fellas on the video.. I was really surprised to find I was also spunking one of the best spunks Ive ever had..I was making a mess of his bedroom carpet..He had a fantastic bathroom..we spent ages in there washing each other then watched some more videos..then he started talking dirty again.