Written by Shane

6 Oct 2010

I'm not a physical guy but I'm happy with what I am,I had'nt thought about my sexuality until a couple of years ago.I was at a cousins wedding and there was a bit of a mix up with the hotel room bookings resulting in some doubles being allocated instead of twins.

I'd probably had more than enough to drink and did'nt bother when I found I was sharing a double bed with another guy I did'nt really know.I vaguely remember getting into bed,I know we were both wearing just our undies.Sometims during the night I thought I was having a wet dream and like had happened before I'd wake up just as I was coming off,but as I woke up I realised he had his hand inside my undies and he was wanking me.

For whatever reason I made no attempt to stop him,I was too close to coming off want it to stop,I pretended to still be asleep and just let him bring me off.After I'd finished coming I lay there still pretending to be asleep listening to and feeling him wank himself off.I fell into a deep half drunken sleep,when I woke he was already gone,at first I thought that I'd just been dreaming it but when I put my hand down in my undies I realised I was covered in dried spunk,I'd definitely come off,I pushed the bedclothes down and could see the sheet covered in spunk where he'd wanked himself off.

When I'd showered and gone downstairs most of the guests had already left and so had he.The more I thought about it the more I'd liked what had happened,he'd taken advantage of me and I'd liked it,he'd seduced me and I wanted it to happen again,I wanted another man to take control of my body and use it.

I moved here to this small seaside place a couple of months ago,I live on my own,I'm just 22 years old.A bit further from the main prom is a road along by the dunes.Shortly after moving here I was out for a run in the evening,At first I was'nt aware that some of the cars and other vehicles parked up were belonging to men looking for gay sex.

I stopped for a rest on the same bench on a couple of occasions,the same guy came and talked to me a couple of times,he had a caravanette parked nearby,he was in his 50s.

I just had a teeshirt and small running shorts on and sat on the bench to get my breath back,he came and sat next to me.I wish I was as fit as you he said,you look after your body,you can wear shorts like that I could once,still got a few pictures of myself dressed in skimpy shorts and trunks.There was something in his voice that told me he was trying to seduce me,I just knew it and I wanted it.

You realise that dressed like that along this stretch of road can give out a particular message at this time of evening,I pretended I had no idea what he was talking about,what do you mean I asked sounding as gormless as I could,there are men on the lookout for gay sex he said and them little shorts look very inviting and I bet whats inside them is even nicer,he was definitely trying to seduce me,I should be going I said.

He made his move,fancy a drink to help you cool down he said,my van's just over there,I'm not sure I said,I'll show you them pictures I mentioned he said,me in my skimpy trunks at least it'll give you a laugh,he must be thinking I was a right moron,but I wanted him to think that,I can't stay long I said,I could see the lust in his eyes,he already had me sripped off in his head,I went with him.

I realised he put alcohol in my drink,he was seducing me.Its warm in here he said,I think i'll strip down a bit,take your teeshirt off if you like,I'll see if I can find those pictures.He was stripped to the waist,he was'nt that bad looking,whatever was in the drink was strong,I took my teeshirt off,suddenly my brain is wanting him to take advantage of me.

Can't find them he said,I'll just have to improvise,just imagine I'm 30 years younger,he undid his pants and pushed them down and off.He was wearing a pair of very small white slip type undies which did nothing to conceal a very sizeable cock.He did a bodybuilder type pose,what do you think then he said,not bad,very nice I said.

He'd got away with that,he was on a roll,his cock was already visibly twitching in his undies,almost fighting to get out.Stand up he said,I did,he reached for my shorts and undid the tiestring,he pushed them down,I stepped out of them.He put his hands behind my back took a hold of my bottom and pulled me onto him grinding his cock against mine,I could feel it leave his undies and the hot head rub against my stomach,he put his hand inside the back of my undies and pushed them down,then his own.

We both had erections,he was grinding harder and harder,he was using me.The last time was in that hotel bed,he just wanked me off,this guy used and abused me for the next hour or so,I let him have my body,he thought he was taking it,it suited both of us.