Written by Theo

29 Oct 2012

I couldnt wait to borrow my mates pc,Im not working and hes gone to work today,I think Id die if he knew that I was doing this,because we share a flat and we often see each other naked but its just a bloke thing,weve got use to seeing each other.Being naked in them shrubs on that first time was scarey but,I didnt have a clue realy what happened with gay sex,Id heard all kinds of things but I think the thing that I was'nt sure about was doing anal sex.I didnt know if other lads did it but I had put things up my bottom when I was wanking and I had fantasised about what it would be like to have a cock put up me.

I had to push his head away when he started to suck harder on my cock,I wanted to spunk but also didnt want to spunk.It was almost dark in the bushes and when I was moved down onto my knees and fealt a hard cock being put against my lips I knew what I was expected to do.I know its a funny thing to say but I was amased by the taste of his cock,I think there was so many things going through my head,it wasnt huge or anything like Ive read some storys,all three of of our cocks were about the same size,it was soft to my tongue yet rock hard.there was a slightly taste of salty which Id tasted on my own precum and also I remember getting the sweet smell of his deodorant from his pubic hair.

Without even thinking about it I found myself holding his balls,I felt him put his hands on my head and start to push in and out of my mouth,the head of his cock reaching to my throat.I wasnt surprised when he let go of my head and pulled his cock from my mouth,even though it was my first time sucking a cock I knew he was getting himself close to spunking.

His cock was right away replaced by his friends,I thought I could actually tell the difference but once he started to fuck my mouth I definitely could,nt tell the difference.I could just make out the shape of the other bloke wanking himself as he stood close up watching,then I could hear him say oh fuck oh fuck and felt the wet heat on my shoulder,he was spunking,my head was gripped tighter I knew he was going to spunk,he started making a grunting noise and my mouth was filling with his spunk,I remember grabbing my own bursting cock and with 2or3 tugs I was emptying myself onto the deck.

We managed somehow to retrieve our clothes and get dressed,there was a completely relaxed air,there wasnt a hint of embarrassment at what we,d done,see you again young man they said as we parted.I went back home feeling better than Id felt in tears,it was as if a great weight had been lifted from me,Ive already been back there 4 times.

By the way I loved the pictures of the chaps in the undies in the comments