Written by Horny Tyne Guy

16 Nov 2010

I was a naïve 18 year old on holiday with my parents in the South of England. I’d left them for the day and was just wandering around between the arcades and the seafront. I’d been checking out the girls on the beach for a while when I needed to have a piss. There were some public toilets up the far end of the promenade and I headed for them. I entered the toilets and walked to the far urinal as it was busy. As I urinated, I realised that the man next to me was slowly wanking as he stood there. Although I had seen plenty of cocks during my time at boarding school I’d never seen anyone else wank.

He must have realised I was looking as he turned a little in my direction. I looked at him and he grinned at me. A bit shocked, I bolted into the nearest cubicle which was vacant. Shit, no lock! Then I noticed that there was loads of writing every where, and a hole in the side wall, I sat down in an attempt to get myself calmed down and started reading the stories on the wall and the endless pleas from guys wanting someone to fuck them, then my eyes were drawn to the hole, what greeted me was even more of a shock! There was a man inside, sucking a cock that had been stuck through a hole in the other wall of his cubicle (The cubicles were at right angles to each other). Shocked I straightened myself up and left the cubicle. As I walked out, the man at the urinal looked at me and mouthed, “sorry mate,”

As I walked back to town, what had happened replayed in my mind, always ending on the two guys having oral sex. Now, oral is a favourite of mine and I’d split with my girlfriend a few months before so hadn’t had sex for a while. As I walked on I found myself getting hard and hornier by the minute. “Sod it, why not?” I thought as I turned round. & headed straight back to the toilets and entered an empty cubicle. I dropped my trousers and sat down, my hard cock sticking up. I heard a noise from the next cubicle and saw an eye at the hole. Slowly I began to stroke myself wondering how to get him to suck it. It didn’t take long for me to find out as a finger came through making a beckoning motion. As I stood, the finger withdrew and I stuck my cock through the hole.

I shuddered as his tongue played over the head and almost shot straight away. He peeled my foreskin back and licked around the head, making my knees almost buckle. Slowly, I felt his mouth engulf me, taking in my entire length. He pulled back, still sucking on it, and started to move back and forth on my cock. It wasn’t long before I felt close to cumming, and tried to pull back. My sucker must have sensed what was happening as he increased suction and the pace. “Sod it, he must know and want it,” I thought, and sure enough, within seconds, I was pumping my cum into his mouth. He let go of my cock and I sat down on the toilet. His mouth appeared at the hole, showing me my cum. Then he closed his mouth and re-opened it, proving the he had swallowed it all!

I dressed and I left the cubicle. As I walked past the next one, the door swung open and it was the same man who had been at the urinal earlier. He grinned at me and I grinned back as I left, I visited that toilet several times during my week long stay and even got to suck a couple of cocks myself after realising how horny it was to suck and be sucked by faceless strangers!