Written by David

4 Dec 2009

I thought I was a straight 40 year old happily married man.A couple of weeks ago travelling for my company I pulled into a picnic area for a piss,the car park was empty.I was surprised when I went in the toilet to find a young man standing at the urinal,even though it was rather cold he was dressed in just shorts and teeshirt,a rucksack on his back.He glanced at me and said OK ,I said something back in response,I could have been wrong but I felt fairly sure he was playing with his cock.He glanced down towards my hand then into my face a slight smile on his face.

The thought of having sex with a man had never crossed my mind,I'd been away from home three days,I'd finished having a piss but for some reason just stood there giving myself a good shake,he put his cock away and walked out,I was wrong.I was aware that I almost got an erection,I'd woken up horny,as you do,when I returned to my car he was standing there.Fancy a bit of company,he asked,where are you going I asked,wherever you're going he replied,nowhere in particular,the penny still did'nt drop.

He just got in my car and chucked his rucksack in the back,there was silence.I could'nt help but notice how his shorts had pulled tight high on his thighs when he fastened his seat belt,they were thin material and the outline of his cock was obvious.There was a bit of small talk,he asked if I was married etc.and how I managed for sex when away from home,talk about being naive.

His left hand was touching his cock through his shorts,impossible to avoid seeing it,I could also see it was increasing in size,I should chuck him out but I did'nt.Good job we were on an A road and it was quiet,I could have lost control when he put his hand on my thigh,I felt my whole body shudder,but I did'nt stop him,I felt myself getting an erection,this could'nt be happening.

His left hand was now holding his erect cock through his tight shorts,nothing was being said,he moved his hand into my groin,squeesing my thigh.His fingers moved to the front of my pants and gently felt the outline of my now erect cock,he looked at me and smiled.With his left hand he undid his seat belt and undid his shorts,together with his briefs he pushed them down to his ankles,his cock was standing straight up,bigger than I'd expected,his right hand now had a hold of my cock through my pants,do you want to park up,he said,I pulled off the road at the first junction,it was just a little side road,completely isolated.

I think he realised I was a virgin,he took control,I just let him do it.He removed his teeshirt and kicked his shorts off,he was completely naked,it did'nt even cross my mind that somebody could have come by.He undid my seat belt,feeling my cock as he did so,then my belt and zip.His hand went inside my pants and felt my cock through my briefs,it was as if my brain switched off to the dangers of what we were doing.I let him push my pants down,lifting myself off the seat to help him,he undid my shirt and fondled my nipples.

I've always worn tight briefs,my erect cock was still trapped in them.He lifted the waistband upwards and my cock sprang out,he pushed them down to my ankles,he pushed my thighs apart and put his hand between my legs loosened my balls,put you're seat back,he said casually,I did it,we could have been caught but I could'nt stop what was happening.He watched his hand as he started to wank me,I could'nt believe how much I liked it,I liked it even more when his head went between my legs and his lips went around my cock.My wife has often sucked me but this was something else,I could'nt help thinking will he let me come in his mouth,my wife always pulls away and finishes me off by hand.

He stopped sucking me and pulled me forward,his seat now back,he pulled my head down between his legs,not in my weirdest dreams could I imagine I would take another mans cock in my mouth,yet thats just what I did.I was amased how it felt,my tongue started to roll around it,the taste of his flesh was fantastic,I realised I was holding and feeling his balls,I was making a bit of a mess of my car as my precum flowed freely.He lifted my head away,not yet he said,I think I'd been a bit too keen and nearly sucked him off.

Do you know a place to go,he asked as his hand went back on my cock and wanked me slowly,he took my hand and put it around his cock and moved it up and down.In my madness I suddenly decided that I wanted more of this,he said the obvious,we could get caught here,I knew there was a travelodge not too far away,I'd never used it so I would'nt be known.I want to suck you off slowly he said and not just once,then with a smile,is this your first time ?,I did'nt need to answer.

Just getting my cock back in my briefs was difficult,I could'nt remember the last time I stayed hard for so long,we both laughed as we struggled to put them away and I was so looking forward to getting them out again,I also knew I wanted to suck him off.