Written by Shaun

26 Nov 2009

Sorry about that I could'nt stop myself.I'm naked at my computer again this morning.I woke with my cock rock hard,had a little play then decided to finish my story.After he'd spunked all over my arse he just left,I was still wanking the chap with me.I think you enjoyed that he said,he did'nt last long,he moved back close to me and put his hands back on my arse rubbing the hot spunk over my cheeks.

He kind of slipped down my body,from reading stories I knew he was going to take my cock in his mouth,I wanted that.At first he just knelt there playing with my balls with one hand as he stroked my cock with the other,it was everything I hoped it would be.It would have been easy just to let myself shoot off but I managed to control my urges.

The door was still wide open but I did'nt care,I was even hoping somebody would come in.The feeling of my cock entering his wet mouth was unbelievable,I really had to hold onto my spunk.His hands were on my arse his fingers probing for my arsehole,the feeling when his finger touched it was something else.I turned and looked as a chap came in the toilets,he stood at the stalls took his cock out and wanked himself as he watched,he was about my age,his cock was rock hard in seconds.

He was soon joined by another chap,they immediately started to wank each other.then took turns at sucking each others cocks.I felt his finger go up into my hole,I loved it.He stood up,let the guys see you sucking me he said,he sat on the loo and spread his legs wide apart,I was straight between them,I got my first taste of cock,it was gorgeous.I put my hand between my legs and wanked myself as I sucked him.

He held my head and moved it up and down,I somehow knew I was going to get a mouthfull,when it came it tasted just like my own,I sucked as hard as I could wanting every drop of it,he dressed himself quickly and left.The two chaps from the stalls came in the cubicle and gently pushed my back on the loo,spread my arms and legs apart,I was completely compliant.

They both stood above me and started to wank themselves faster and faster,I knew what they were going to do.The first started spunking,loads of spunk was landing all over me,he put his cock away and left.Once he'd gone the other chap got between my legs and started sucking me as he continued to wank himself,there was no holding on now.I do'nt think I've ever shot so much spunk,I could feel his teeth on my cock as he swallowed,he was emptying himself onto the floor.

He licked my cock clean then stood up and put his own cock away,thanks mate he said that was good.Even as I got dressed another chap was at the stalls wanking himself,I kind of half wished I had'nt shot my spunk.Well I've managed to finish my story without wanking myself off,but I'm about to do it.