Written by Colin

16 Sep 2009

I was a young man living at home with my mum,I had just passed my driving test and got myself a little car.I did,nt mix a lot with other people,my mum complained a bit about that.Mostly I masturbated in the shower,that way she would,nt know.Sometimes when she was out I would find one of her catalogues and masturbate looking at pictures of models in their underwear.I suppose it was then that I found that I was doing it more and more looking at men in undies,the smaller the undies the better.

I never thought of myself as gay.I started to drive to a really secluded cove away from where I lived,I never saw anybody there.There was an old derelect toilet block nearby,I would read some of the graphiti on the walls,mostly about doing things with cocks,I did masturbate a few times reading them,I still did,nt think I was gay.

I would sit on a rock in just my swimming trunks,the small ones,sometimes I would get an erection and sometimes I would take my cock out and masturbate myself off.It was probably the third time I,d seen the same car park up and a chap sit in it reading his paper,did,nt think much of it at first.He would always go to the toilets and would be ages in there,he looked too old to be masturbating.

One day he stood by his car and changed into his swimming trunks,he was,nt making too much attempt to hide anything.When he,d taken all his clothes off he stood naked and stretched himself,I tried not to look but could see everything he had,I felt my own cock move.With his swimming trunks on,they were probably a size too small for him,he walked in the sea a little bit away from me.

I sat watching him,when he came out he looked towards me and smiled,I smiled back.I suppose I did look at the front of his trunks,I already knew what was in there,it was bigger than mine.Back at his car he removed his trunks,again I tried not to look but could,nt avoid seeing him drying himself,he paid particular attention to his cock,I could see it get semi erect,as was my own in my trunks.

He put the towell around his waist,nothing on underneath and walked to the toilets looking at me and smiling as he did so.Sex with another man had never occurred to me,I,d never had sex with anybody.I began to wonder what he was doing in the toilets,I felt my cock through my trunks and suddenly had a massive urge to masturbate,worse than that I suddenly wanted to be seen doing it.

I was litterally shaking from head to toe as I walked towards the toilets but my cock was almost fully erect,wanting to get out of my trunks.There were two cubicles,I stood at the door looking at them,one was closed,I could hear him breathing, what was I doing,this was crazy.I tiptoed towards the empty cubicle,went inside and closed the door,when I,d been there before I,d not noticed the rather large hole in the thin plywood partition.

I sat on the loo my swimming trunks still on,he was sitting facing me,no towel,he was completely naked.It was as if I was stuck to the loo,I sat there and watched him masturbate himself.His legs were wide apart,he was sitting forward on the seat,his balls hanging down between his wide apart legs,his hand moving up and down his fully erect, and to me,a huge cock.His hand moved really slow the swollen head of his cock slipping in and out of his foreskin.

Nothing was said,he made no attempt to approach me,he just masturbated.My knees shook violently as I stood up,my cock was so hard in my trunks it almost hurt.I pushed my trunks down,my cock sprang out of them,I heard his breathing get louder and deeper,I removed my trunks and sat back on the loo.I could,nt stop myself begin to masturbate,I wanted to do it fast but controled myself.I had nothing like he had but it did,nt seem to matter,my cock was about two thirds the size of his and while his balls hung down really low between his legs mine were really tight.

He stood up,I thought he was going to leave,holding his cock in his hand still masturbating he came to the partition.He continued to masturbate close to the hole,I was masturbating faster.He let go of his cock and put it through the hole,the hole was large enough for everything to come through,his cock jerked in front of me as he made thrusting movements his balls hitting against the partition.I stood up and moved to it and started to rub my cock against his.

He must have felt my hand shaking as I held his balls.I took his cock in my other hand and rubbed the now soaking head against my own balls.He thrust more and more towards me,I managed to get my fingers around both our cocks and still holding his balls I masturbated them both.I could hear his moaning against the partition,I watched my hand working faster and faster on our cocks,I wished I had balls like his.His moaning turned to grunts,really loud.

I felt his semen come through his cock in massive spurts,I watched it come from him,I was totally fascinated,then realised my own was mixing with it as I came like never before.His cock went down before mine but I still masturbated us both.His cock was completely soft when he pulled away,my own was still semi erect as I sat on the loo and watched him clean himself with his towell.He was already gone when I left the toilets,it was a couple of bays before he pulled up again in his car,I was sitting naked on the rock masturbating,he smiled as he walked towards me.