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I will never drink again !

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A couple of years back 2019 i was 19 , i had been invited and attended a mates 21 st birthday in one of our locals , now ive never been a big drinker but this night i joined in and was downing shots one after another like a boss until about 1030 when my body told me i had had enough , so i just slipped away out the door and made my way home .

Home was only about a 10 min walk from the pub ( if your sober ) and my walk was one step forward two steps back lol.

i had never been this drunk before .

Anyway cut to the next morning , i woke up around 11 am on my sofa , i was naked and my head was pounding and my clothes from the night before discarded all over the floor , so i went to the kitchen to make a coffee when my phone made the noise to tell me i had a text , i grabbed my drink and went to sit down i found my phone wedged between the cushions of my sofa , i located my texts to find i had been sent a video from a withheld number i opened it and this is what i saw , it started in my kitchen and then made its way into my living room , then there was me on my sofa in my pants next to a man in his 60s i had never seen before , another man who was doing the filming said lets have some fun , to which the old guy stood up and dropped his trousers and pants the camera came round to show the mans erect cock and then to my biggest surprise i lent in and took hold of it , i wanked it for a bit and then i put his cock in my mouth ( i must admit i have always wanted to try this ) the film showed me sucking this old mans cock like an expert , i was cupping and tickling his balls and licking his cock from top to bottom swirling my tongue around his helmet and occasionally deep throating until i gagged on him , the man filming had got his cock out too and had put it in my face to suck so i willingly obliged , the video showed me swapping from cock to cock until the old guy shouted im coming and i must have swallowed all of it , then i turned my attention to the other cock i was watching myself licking and sucking and enjoying this mouth full of cock i kept saying to him come on sir cum on me , i eventually got my wish and he shot a nice load in my mouth and over my face ,

Next on the film i could see me laying back and the old man was giving my cock some attention with his mouth , my legs were apart and you can see him clearly enjoying my cock . At this point the video ended , i was absolutely shocked and very disappointed that i had no recollection of any of this , Then about a month later i got a call from a man called Mark , he asked me if i enjoyed the video , it turns out on my way home that night i must have fell over and was helped by a mature gay couple , Mark is 54 and his partner is Brandon 70 , we have now met since and i have had some great man on man sex and all the time i have been sober

Written by fttipper

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