Written by Sean

25 Feb 2009

I,d almost given it up as a bad job,I,d tried a few public loos looking for some relief,nothing happening.It was early evening,there was one up ahead,I parked up a bit short of it.There was a pathway I made as little noise as possible,I might catch some action,there was a car parked nearby.As I entered the door he was walking towards it,he was completely naked his cock rock hard,he shot back into one of the two cubicles,I smiled to myself.

I went in the other cubicle,at least I knew somebody had the same thing in mind.There was a huge hole in the partition,I looked through he was standing there holding his cock in his hand,probably in his thirties completely smooth shaven,he wanked himself for me.I slipped my trainers off,my cock was already hard,he came to the hole and watched me,I removed my jeans,wow he said as he saw my lacey womens briefs my cock standing out of them,at last I thought.

I lifted my teeshirt over my head to reveal my matching lacey bra,I knew he was wanking himself faster,I held the pose.Engrossed in my enjoyment of the moment I was only aware that another chap had come in when my door was pushed open.He was an older chap,he just stood watching me as he undid his trousers and took his cock out and started to work on it.

I did,nt close the door,I was loving this.He went to the other cubicle door and pushed it open,now in just my bra and briefs I watched him enter and take my naked friends cock in hand and wank him,his own cock fully erect now.Can I watch you two play with each other out of the stalls,he said,I,ll keep a watch out.I did,nt need a second invitation,I wanted to feel that smooth body,we went straight for each others cocks,the older chcp stood by the door his cock in hand wanking himself watching us.

He pushed my briefs down I stepped out of them,I was wearing just my bra it felt unbelievably sexy.His arms came around and grabbed the cheeks of my arse,our cocks rubbing hard together,turn sideways and let me see that the older chap said,we obliged.Do some sucking,he said,I love watching sucking.My naked friend slipped down my body and started to gobble me,the older chap was really wanking himself.I pulled my cock from his mouth,I wanted a go,I got on my knees took his smooth balls in my hand,they felt fantastic,most of his cock fitted in my mouth,he held my head and started fucking me.

The older chap came away from the door,I don,t think we cared,he offered his cock to my naked friend,he started to wank him seriously with one hand as he held my head on his cock with the other.Suddenly the older chap started grunting as his spunk started to shoot from him.My naked friend held his cock away from us so that his spunk landed on the floor,nice move.The older chap squeesed the last of his spunk from his rapidly softening cock tucked it away and left,not a word of thanks.

Get your clothes and come in mine,my naked friend said,I,m not in a hurry how about you,as long as it takes I replied,he picked my briefs up and handed them to me,I collected the rest of my clothes and joined him in his cubicle.He looked terrific sitting on the loo his legs wide apart slowly wanking,I positioned myself between them he wanked me gently before slipping his mouth over the length of my cock,it was my turn to hold his head.He continued to suck me as we heard the door to the next cubicle open and close.We turned sideways to make sure he had the best possible view.This was worth waiting for.