Written by Jaimie

29 Nov 2011

Thank you for your positive comments,I myself had some mixed feelings about what I'd done,firstly because he was one of my professional clients and secondly because I'd effectively become a whore,a rentboy.I rationalised it by convincing myself that it was'nt just a one way event,I had willingly taken part in sex with him,I'd enjoyed having sex with him.We sat naked after we had both ejaculated,simply fondling each other,n terms of our sexual bits we could'nt have been much different but that did'nt seem to matter in the least.The subject of anal sex arose and I knew I had to tell him that I'd never done it,I took his cock in my hand explaining to him that it was'nt his cock I did'nt appreciate it was the sheer size of it when it was fully erect,even holding it in its flacid state it was an extremely large organ,as we talked he was gently fondling my cock which had become erect,but was still much smaller than his which was proving a little more difficult to resurect,he'd overindulged a little on the whisky.

He asked me if I wanted him to wank me off again before I left but given that his own was proving a bit reluctant regardless of my best efforts I felt it was time to call it a night,I could tell he was the one feeling a bit embarrassed by his lack of erection but I assured him I would come again when he wanted me to and provided he understood that anal sex was not on the cards I would do whatever else he wanted.We talked about my wearing girls knickers and he said how as it happens he found that an absolute turn on and when I put them back on as I dressed he wanted to spend a bit of time fondling me through them,as he did so he tried again to wank himself to an erection but the drink had definitely had its effect and that large cock of his was just refusing to respond.

He paid me more than I was expecting,which as I said made me feel a bit like a rentboy,but nevertheless I agreed I would return the following day to have sex with him again.What a difference a day made,when I arrived the following day he was again wearing just his dressing gown,I knew he'd be naked underneath and he was,once I was inside he quickly discarded it,he held his cock in his hand and said this is back in full working order today,I don't know what happened to it yesterday,normally I have very little difficulty getting it hard,a morning dose'nt go by when it isn't ready for action first thing in the morning,I normally wank myself three or four times a week,are you wearing knickers,he was telling me to undress.

I already was fairly sure what he wanted,I stripped down to the little white knickers I was wearing,you are absolutely fucking gorgeous he started to repeat again as he again began to fondle me,now he did'nt need to anything further with his cock,it began to grow larger by the second and again I was almost amased by the size of it.As he continued to feel me through the soft material of my knickers I started to wank him,I let him decide when he wanted to get me naked,he could be so gentle and yet I was aware that at full arousal as I'd experienced the previous day he became in every sense of the word bullish,his cock seemed to take complete control of his brain.

He was stiil gentle as he removed my knickers and it was the first time in my life I had my cock and my balls licked.We got on his bed and he continued to lick me,my cock,my balls,my bottom,my nipples,we kissed for the first time.Even though I occasionally had to release his cock,I did my best to continue to wank him,I wanted him to remain gentle with me,I hoped I could masturbate him off fairly quickly to prevent his animal instinct taking hold.

Suddenly the gentleness was began to fade and his body started to get more urgent,his head was between my legs,he was'nt licking my balls and my cock now he was sucking on them,it was the first time I'd experienced my cock being sucked,but it was'nt a gentle sucking it was rough and hard and I needed all my will power to stop myself ejaculating.He became more and more sexually aggressive,litterally pinning me to the bed as he rubbed his massive cock all over me,again his knee giving him not an ounce of trouble.

He was spreadeagled above me his hand back pushing his cock to my mouth,I took it from him and opened wide to take it in,his heavy balls were resting on my face,I did the best I could given that my mouth was filled and sucked it as much as I could,feeling a massive sense of relief when I tasted the first jet of his spunk.There was no way I could keep his cock in my mouth as he ejaculated,I felt the heat of his spunk as it continued to jet from him,onto my face and chest.

I felt his body change as I continued to wank him and watched the last of his spunk drip onto me.As if by magic he was gently sucking my cock,unlike previously now it was sensous and extremely sexual and ejaculating in the hot confines of his mouth was the most beautiful things I'd ever experienced.

Again we spent a long time naked in each others company,again even though he wanted to his cock refused to respond on a second occasion,but this time I did agree to him sucking me off again,and yes I'm afraid I did take the money.