Written by A little sheman.

21 Aug 2011

Im not old enough to remember the glory days of the gloryholes even though it was where I had my first gay sex experience.Even though I say so myself older men find me attractive,maybe its because of my stature.Even though im 22 yrs old Im young looking for my age,Im a mere 5'2" tall,slim with fair curly hair,on my head only,the rest of my body is kept hairless and soft with moisturising creams,and very often other cream!!!!!!.

I can pick out an older man a mile off whos on the make for gay sex,sea fronts and arcades are one of my favourite places.All you have to do is give him a little smile,touch my tongue on my lips and if hes up for it he does the rest.I often wear shorts but always girls undies and oh so small.

With that first little come on out of the way all thats neccessary then is to head to the local toilet,just for a pee you understand,even with the modern type if hes still around you know hes having a cock problem.If its one of the older type hes in right behind you,his eyes already invading my shorts.

I like older guys,60,70 even 80 if theyre up for it,theyre appreciative of of a young body,they dont shoot theyre load in a couple of minutes,without exception they know what sucking is all about.They dont always have a hardon immediately,things have to be worked on,younger guys can be so macho with theyre cocks,its all about you sucking theyre cocks or wanking theyre cocks,theyre over eager to get to your love hole,I like my body to be appreciated,not just used.

Ill often end up in an older guys flat or his car,they know the value of a little flattery,they talk to you,even before they get into your shorts or whatever they will want to know what YOU like and if they are having little problems with erectile disfunction or something like that they are open about it.Ive met loads of older guys who hadnt had a proper hardon for ages,they could still spunk with a soft but wanted a bit of shooting power back,Ive worked it for them.

You can tell some older guys are a bit up tight when you first handle their cock and its not immediately jumping to attention,in many cases playing with their balls does the trick,but one thing I have no problem with is sucking a limp cock,actually I really like doing it,getting a cock hard with your mouth is a brilliant feeling,to feel it grow inside your mouth,often with surprising results.

Ive sucked some limp cocks that you would think would amount to nothing and then slowly your mouth is getting so full of cock youre damn near choking.Ive not met one who didnt love my girls undies,some even wanting to buy them from me as a souvenier,my smooth hairless body and small balls and small cock has never put any of them off,on the contrary mostly they find it a massive turn on,perhaps it dosent make them feel that they have a problem with the size of theis own,as some younger men would have.

I know it sounds funny but a lot of them have dentures and while I dont mind the feeling of teeth on my cock,if youve not been sucked by a guy with gums only ypu dont know what youre missing,just gums and tongue,it isnt just being sucked its like having your cock wanked at the same time.

Some older guys will even ask if you want to swallow their spunk,which of course I always do,its just that some of them arent always sure if they can come off in your mouth,which of course after youve sucked a cock from limp to hard you wouldnt want to wastethe spunk,would you,like not having a pudding after your main course.

No two sex sessions are the same,no two guys want the same thing,its like cocks I suppose ,they might look a bit alike but act completely different,as I said Ive seen the smallest looking ones when limp turn out to be huge and others not being much different when soft or hard,even the spunk,Ive sucked or wanked guys with massive balls to get almost nothing out and then guys with small tight balls fill my mouth or my hand,all different,but I love them all.