Written by john42

2 Jun 2008

I managed to wangle Fri. afternoon off and dash down to my favourite saunna in Hull. Stripped, showered and wandered down to the tv room. Passing the second cubicle I looking in at the spectacle of 3 heaving bodies. Within seconds I dropped my towel to show them my already stiffening 8\" dark uncut cock. A hand reached out to me,pulled me into the room by my now throbbing cock, no resistance from me!!!One guy was flat on his back slurping at a plumpish older chaps cock whilst he was being gobbled by a 40 year old with the most delicious smooth body and peach of a bum! I moved in close to him and started to rub my 65 year old tool and hairy belly against the mouthwatering sight below me,reaching under him to wank a medium but rigid cock as he sucked the prone guy. He was now working his arse back into me ,making me thrust at that perfect target. At that point he reached between us, guided my pulsing cock to his hole and backed straight on to me!! I could nt believe he had taken 8\" x 3\" in one movement I stayed still for a few moments savouring the sight of me buried to the root in such a perfect behind. I could nt stay still for long and started long hard strokes into his willing body( he must have been so well lubed!). I very soon grunted that I was coming, he told me to fill him, I did, hauling his hips right back onto my pulsing cock until I was spent. All in the space of 5 mins!! We did have another nice session later but that first one was a fuck to remember!