Written by john@42

10 Sep 2010

Happy to tell you about my latest session at my favourite Leeds sauna. bears day last Saterday,never been to one (b d) befor but I guess at 68, hairy and a bit of a tum I fit the discription quite well !

I got there quite early but even so there were plenty of guys wandering about. I like to go to the sauna first and warm up a little,that is an excuse really to srart stroking my 8.5, viened thick cock into life. Not too long before it was getting the attention I love. I do enjoy showing this cock of mine off and although there are equally long specimens about I do soon get strange hands and mouths wrapped round it.Some great sensations amidst the steam,nipples being nipped whilst one guy was wanking me into a wet open mouth. I had to call a halt! Only in for 15 mins and far too soon to come at my age,recuperation is a bit longer these days !

I had a coffee and a further wander ,ending up in the video room,soon had my towel undone and a hand then a mouth slurping on my cock again whilst I enjoyed my first mouthful of slim but very hard cock. I really went to town on him,sucking and wannking until I felt those telltale signs of load about to errupt . Within seconds he started to groan and thrust at me. Iam not a great swallower but love a facial and boy did I get a good one!Spunk all over me thick and plastered over my face.

I cleaned up and layed back for a rest, the guy who had been working on my cock patted my leg and wandered though an opening on the right. I had presumed it was another exit so wanting to see more I wandered through. It turner out to be an almost totally dark room with a group of men pleasuring each other.As I bumped into them I was immediatly drawn into the group. A mouth covered mine followed by a probing tongue. Soon I was in the middle of a mass of hands ,mouths and cocks. It was the most amazing sensation and I totally submitted to these unseen men. I was stroked ,kissed ,sucked ,wanked ,finger fucked as I stood in the dark groaning goodness knows what but yes yes oh fuuuck where in there!

I couldnt hold out any longer and simply let my spunk flow into an unknown ,unseen mouth as my own mouth was finger fed cum from who knows, maybe the guy behind finger fucking me as he wanked?

At thise point the group began to break up,leaving me in the dark ,having given me one of the most erotic expierienses I have ever had. I stayed acouple more hours finally shooting my second load into a wonderfully adept blowjobber who finished the treatment by kissing me with my cum in his mouth and on his lips.

Got a hard on re living this !!!