Written by Wolfman

21 May 2008


(A toilet experience)

I was just 19 when, after leaving the cinema I suddenly got the urge to pee. I knew there was a public toilet close by behind some shops and I hurried towards it. The single light was on over the entrance and I entered.

The place was in complete darkness but I found my way to the urinals. I couldn’t get it out fast enough. Wow what a relief. My eyes became accustomed to the darkness aided by a single street light out side. Continuing my pee I looked around. I gave a start when I saw the elderly man just three urinals away from me. He was standing back slightly from the urinal and I saw he was pulling on his hard cock, slowly but full strokes that caused his foreskin to uncover the large bell head of his cock.

Suddenly I felt my own cock harden. I fear watching this old guy wanking aroused me and I began to manipulate my own cock. Suddenly someone entered, brushing past me with a weak “Sorry” and passed the old guy who had moved into the urinal. His attention was not towards me now but to the new entrant who I guessed was about my age. Pretty soon he, like myself got used to the darkness and the old guy had pulled back again exposing his hard cock to this new guy. It took but a second for this lad to get a hard on and I stood there amazed when the lad reached out and took hold of the old guys cock and began to toss him off whilst furiously pulling on his own erection that was no small affair.

Suddenly the old gent turned to me and with a gesture of his head beckoned me over. I was so aroused I moved over to him. The lad looked up from his handy work and smiled sheepishly at me. When the old guy took hold of my cock my whole body shook and it took but half a dozen pulls for me to shoot into the urinal.

I was so embarrassed but as I watched I saw the old guy arch hi back then wham, his spunk flew from his cock, striking the urinal with a load whack. The lad let go of the old guys cock and concentrated on his own and soon he to was shooting off.

“Well done boys” the old guy hissed as he fastened his pants then turning he walked out followed by the other lad. I began to wonder how I got involved but I knew I had enjoyed the sensation and I stood there in a semi daze.

I didn’t even notice the man arrive next to me until I felt his fingers touch my still semi hard cock. I came out of my daze and instinctively pulled away.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you”.

That’s when I saw his very large erection. It was as though I was hypnotised by it and I moved forward again mainly to get a better look at it. His hand came across and I let him caress me back to a full erection. Without realising it I found my hand was around his cock and I thrilled at the soft smoothness of it and fascinated by the way his foreskin rolled back to reveal the large smooth looking bell head.

“Keep it covered “ he hissed and I quickly pushed his foreskin back over the tip of his cock.

“Move your hand up higher” he hissed.

I did ad his asked actually resting my hand just below the head of his cock where I began to toss him off. I loved the way the head of his cock appeared then disappeared and from his groans it was what he wanted.

I suddenly received a great urge to come myself and I found I was actually fucking his hand. I think he realised what was happening as the grip on my cock increased almost to a pain limit and his hand movements ceased. Then suddenly he gave out one hell of a yell and I felt his monster swell in my hand as he blasted off.

I subconsciously counted four strong jets. Then his hand around my own cock began to move and the pressure ease off. Soon it was eye crying out, mostly for him to wank me faster. Then I came. Not as strong as the first time but sensationally enjoyable just the same.

With a murmured “Thanks, the man was gone.

Whilst I was a confirmed wanker from an early age, this was the first time it was done for me and twice within an hour. No wonder my legs were shaky as I walked out into the night air just in time to catch a wave from the last guy as he drove off in his car.

This was to be the start of many such events but not all in public toilets.