Written by Thomas Joe

22 Jun 2009

A week or so went by,I arrived home from work he was doing the tea,I wondered where she was.We were eating in silence,suddenly he said she,s gone to stay with her sister,for some reason a tingle went through my body.

She's never liked it he said rather sadly,thats why she sleeps in the other room,I could feel myself go red with the conversation.He seemed to be really down,I felt almost sorry for him.We sat watching telly nothing more was said.

I decided to go to bed,it was the first time I,d said goodnight to him.I did,nt put the radio on in the bathroom as I had a bath,I wanted him to come in,I played with myself for a while but realised he was,nt coming.

I lay in bed naked fully erect,I heard him go in his bedroom then the bathroom again hoping he would come and play with me.He went back downstairs,I was confused,I was the one wanting sex now.I tried to get to sleep but could,nt,I thought about just wanking myself off but I needed more.

I made a decision I got out of bed and headed downstairs my legs shaking,my cock was standing straight up.I could hear the telly,I was litterally shaking all over,what was I doing.I opened the door he was sitting in his chair in just his underpants sipping his whiskey.

He looked at me his mouth dropping open,I just stood there and looked at him.I could feel my cock moving on its own,his eyes were fixed on it he did,nt move.I walked towards him and stood in front of him my legs apart.His hand shook as he put his whiskey down,he looked up into my face,I looked at the movement in the front of his underpants his cock was hardening.

I felt massive relief when he reached and took my cock in a gentle grip,still looking at my face.He moved forward in his chair and licked the head the heat of his tongue sending tremors through my body.I could see his cock was getting solid,he gripped himself through his underpants.

He let go of my cock stood up and removed them,maybe it was the sheer size she did,nt like but I did.We stood close together his hand back on mine,I gripped his and started wanking him.I was suddenly much bolder,I reached for his balls and for the first time felt the weight of them,like his cock they were big,I loved the feel of them.

He put his arms around me and held the cheeks of my bottom,pressing his now throbbing cock hard against mine and like he did on the side of the bath he rubbed it hard from side to side,I could smell the whiskey on his breath but did,nt mind.

Come to bed he whispered as he took my hand,he followed me up stairs and into his bedroom.He took me in his arms again I loved the feel of our cocks rubbing together and his hands holding my bottom cheeks.He picked me off my feet and layed me on the bed spreading my legs apart,he bent over me and his tongue touched my nipples,I felt them harden.

He moved down my body his tongue probing my bellybutton,I wanted the main course.I heard myself gasp as his mouth took in the full length of my cock one hand playing with my balls,I knew he was wanking himself with the other.Even though I was loving what he was doing I wanted more,I wanted to feel what it was like to have his in my mouth.

I think he wondered what I was doing as I sat myself up removing my cock from his mouth,he soon realised as I took his cock from his hand and wanked him.He was standing by the side of the bed,I sat on the edge and moved him to where I could reach his cock with my mouth.

With my mouth fully open I could manage to get the swollen head inside,his breathing got deeper and deeper as I did what I could with it.I held the remainder of the shaft in my hand as his balls filled the other.

I heard him say oh s he started jerking, my mouth filling with his hot semen,I had no choice but to swallow it none could escape.It did,nt last as long as I would have liked but suddenly I knew I wanted to come off,I started to wank myself.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and went down on me pushing me back on the bed his mouth taking over from my hand,I came almost immediately feeling my own semen fill his mouth.He kept his mouth on me until I finished.We slept together,I woke with an erection early in the morning decided not to go to work.