Written by baron

20 Jan 2015

been seeing joe for a while now normally we try to meet once a week at his , im late 50s medium build and height ,joe slightly older but in a nice trim condition

he leaves door ajar for me ,i normally strip off at top of stairs and join him in his bed for some sexy fun and games.

that morning i could hear the shower running , i could see him in the shower as i stripped off his sexy cock on full view through the glass.

i was naked now my semi erect cock jutting out in front of me, i joined him in the shower reaching out to caress his body under the shower my hand sliding down to caress his cock and balls , he reached down his hand wrapping round my now erect cock he pulled me towards him our lips met as we caressed each other under the shower.

we soaped each other washing each others bodies we rubbed our cocks together as we caressed each other my hand took the shower from its holder i put it between his legs the water hitting your balls his a lovely sensation from below , he moaned as i sprayed from his cock to his arse.

after a while we dried each other and moved to the bedroom , he slipped on a dvd we layed in bed caressing , kissing ,wanking as we watched the dvd

he layed me on my back holding my arms above my head with one hand as he wanked my cock with his other his legs holding my legs down.i could feel my cock aching wanting to cum for him , his mouth moved to mine he kissed me as he wanked my cock , i couldnt hold out any longer my cum sprayed from my cock he wanked it onto my stomuch,i looked down my stomuch and chest covered in my own spunk.

he then told me to kneel in front of him , i sat in front of him between his legs his cock level with my mouth, he said to open my mouth , i opened it as he slid his cock in for me to suck him off,

he fucked my mouth slowly to begin with my lips and tongue sliding on his cock , i could hear him moaning as he slid in my mouth , he started to move his hips quicker now i held my mouth around his cock . i held my mouth open as he wanked his cock i watched his hand wanking his cock he started to cum i put my mouth around his cock i could feel his spunk hitting the roof of my mouth as he cum, i licked on his cock as he cum i know he enjoys that .

he stood above me his cock dangling in front of me , i sat there rubbing my cock my spunk dripping on to it from my chest as i caressed his cock

i left soon after roll on next week