Written by Bim SLut

29 Feb 2008

This is the tale of some fun i had last summer up at the Hogs Back near Guildford.

I am and have been bi for some time so i knew what i wanted, my wife was out so i had the evening free, i bathed cleaned myself inside and out and slipped into a black pair of panties, stockings and suspenders and a pair of heels, i slipped on some jeans and a T shirt.

When i got to the dogging site it was dark, i slipped off my jeans in the car and put my heels on, i put a long coat around me and walked into the woods, bloody tricky mind u in heels.

I got to the edge of the woods, opened my coat so all could see my stockings and waited.

After a while a guy came over and took his cock out and started to wank, soon he was joined by another then another guy all standing looking at me doing the same.

I could not wait and dropped down and started to suck the first guy, his cock was long and thick and made my mouth stretch, as i sucked him i raised my ass so the next guy round could feel my bum, i could feel his fingers slip inside my panties and tease my cock and balls, i parted my legs and began to gag on the first guys cock and the second guy started to rim me.

Soon my head was moving from the first guys cock to the third guys cock, my sex hole was wet and ready for fucking.

Then i felt the second guys cock against me i waited, tried to felax then felt him enter me...........mmmmmmmm oh i started to moan as he fuck me, i began to suck with real urgency and new that i would be rewarded!

The first guy exploded in my mouth, i could'nt swallow it all and load went on my face as i gasped the third guy wanked himself and seemed to cum for ever, just as i dew breath i felt the guy fucking me slam in real deep, i heard him moan and felt his cum inside.

I was still as horny as hell was covered in cum and had some dripping down my legs, i tried to tidy myself up outside but it was no good, i walked back to my car and slipped out of my underware and put my jeans back on.

I sat there for 1/2 and hour calming down, still horny i went back outside and back to the woods a big guy was standing there all i wanted was for someone to suck me but he wanted my ass, i was so dazzed by what i had already done that i let him pull my jeans down and fuck and i mean fuck me, he slammed in and out for ages i just could'nt get enough of hi big cock slamming inside me, soon i was so hard that i wanked myself off as he fucked me........what a feeling.

As u know once you have cum its stops being sexy and u feel like u need a pea but he did'nt i begged him to stop me there was no going back for him he eventually pulled his cock out and shot all over my ass, as he did i let out a hugh jet of piss and i have to say it felt amazing.

I staggered back to my car and home for a bath, what a night that has never been repeated!!