Written by RichRich60

27 May 2013

The story is based on real events.

I had been travelling in Europe during a 2-week holiday and was a student of 22 using an inter-rail ticket. Having visited two countries, I had planned to stay at a youth hostel in the capital city of the third country. Apart from dozing briefly while on the trains and ferry, I hadn't slept for over 24 hrs. I had caught a ferry and was on the journey to the capital city in North Eastern Europe. I had talked with a young woman on the train for a few hours and finally the train arrived at past 11 pm at the main station in the capital in the next country.

The station was typical of a central terminus. Busy with a mix of travellers and people on their way home from a night out and teenagers hanging around. I made for the exit near the bus and tram stops. I had an address for the youth hostel but no instructions about transport and a taxi was not viable due to my low budget. I asked a couple of girls about the best way to get to the hostel. They didn't know but went off to ask some people waiting at a tram stop. They retuned and said that there was someone who knew and they would tell me when to get off. I was introduced to two men, one in his 60s and the other in his 30s. I thanked the girls and waited for the tram. Only the young man spoke english and we talked and continued as we travelled on the tram. The younger man said that the hostel closed at 11 and that they didnt admit anyone after that time. then he discussed with the older man and suggested having a dink with them. Now, from their behaviour I didn't think that they were anything other than straight friends - there may have been a slight thought but circumstances had dictated my choices. I had little option so agreed.

We went up to an apartment chatting in a friendly way. I put down my bag and was invited to sit and we talked. I was offered a brandy - not my usual drink but they are a country of heavy drinkers and I drank it. It was topped up and I drank the next glass. We talked of girlfriends and travelling and I noticed that my glass was always refilled with the Remy Martin expensive cognac.

I hadn't eaten much and was very tired and it must have continued like this for more than two hours. I could hardly stay awake. I wasnt sure where I could sleep but wanted a shower or bath so said could i have one. After a brief discussion the older man went off and ran me a bath. I was shown where it was and noticed that there was a thick layer of foam from the bubble bath. all was a but distant with the cognac and tiredness. I was vaguely aware that there didnt seem to be any towels. I undressed and got into the bath. I noticed that the bathmat had been moved to stop the door from closing but didnt think too much about it.

I was half asleep then the older man reappeared and took my clothes away. then returned and asked (with gestures) if all was ok - I indicated that I wanted some shampoo. I assumed he had not understood completely when he began to wash my hair but in my hazy state and being so tired, I just accepted the situation. I began to wonder about my situation and as his hands massaged my head and worked in the shampoo it crossed my mind hat they may be trying to get me drunk and maybe even that they were homosexual. I found that I didnt mind - I began to get aroused at the idea - confident that the layer of foam was hiding my state.

The man began to rinse my hair, my eyes were closed then I opened them as he scooped up water from the bath to rinse my hair. I looked and realised that the bubbles had gone and my aroused cock was clearly visible. `The man's eyes were fixed on my swaying erect penis. It was all a bit distant but I was even more aroused at his lust for me and I realised that his scooping of the water was just a ploy to get an opportunity to touch my erection. I watched as his had dipped into the water again and this time he made sure, his hand moved up the bath, between my legs then his finger tips brushed against the head of my cock. I wanted him to grasp it - grip it wrap his hand around it. but he said wait wait and left. I understood he was going to get a towel and I stood up (I wish I had followed but I just stood and waited for him to return. My mind raced my cock was straining, aching I had never been so hard. He was gone for ages, I was wondering what to do, when he finally returned with a towel. His gaze immediately took in my waiting cock. He made a half hearted attempt to dry my shoulder and arm then my cock received the attention for which it ached. all pretence now gone he wrapped his hand around it and began tossing me (I am horny thinking of it). Then he kissed me - not what I really wanted but hey, not a big price to pay for the pleasure he was giving me.

He eventually led me to his water bed by my dick and brought the younger man to see me and join in a night of mutual masturbation, oral and anal sex - my first with men my first threesome. I sometimes fantasise about what would have happened if I had just fallen asleep. they clearly planned to have sex with me. - to have woken up between two gay men with a cock in my mouth and mine being sucked - I would have spent the rest of my vacation with them.

Hope you liked it next I will share fantasies about my wife being fucked by a creep from her work.