15 Aug 2018

Saturday with time on my hands so cock ring on head to my local sauna for Bears day.

I am not a bear in any shape or form but I am admirer chaser , shaved clean of body hair at all apart from my head, but always had a thing for big strong men.

Paid the fee to get in , I was already flushed washed out and clean so quick change naked an ready for use!

Upstairs I go to see what I can find but it appeared not many bear's around on the first floor tilI go up a floor and into the dark room, it was pitch black but full of bear flesh sweaty musk filling my nose, soon felt hands all over my body coming from different directions , some on my ass some on my cock ,nipples then shoulders pushing me to the floor rapidly filling my mouth with a very large cock, hands holding my head to pump my face with hard it, I also could feel hands groping me everywhere on my body.

After a short while of this aI heard a voice " yes please a voice came back, " stand up come with us" I obeyed my now rock hard cock was held and pulled me out in to the light , he was a very muscular guy broad shoulders and a large cock , still wet from my mouth. Also following us was a less well built guy with a reasonable size cock.

As we entered the room Dave the who was other guy was sent for condoms an lube as a full on kissing session started with me an the Bear his hands cupping my ass rubbing back an head pinching my nipples " suck his cock " he barked as Dave came back with a hand full of condoms and lube ,Dave obeyed sucking my rock hard erection whilst the bear and I kissed an fondle each other his dick was amazing rock hard an a good 9.5" cut and fat .

"You like cock then " he said , oh yes please my reply I love it ,we had one more deep sloppy kiss and then I was turned round legs spread an bent over fingers in my hole as Dave put lube on an fitted a condom to his pals cock , soon I was face down arms behind my back and the head of his cock probing my hole, Dave meanwhile sat with legs either side of my head inserting his cock in my mouth as the other cock began to push in my willing hole an start pound me hard, what bliss hearing the sloshing of hard cock an balls against my ass cheeks and a cock all the way down my throat fucking my mouth , I couldn't talk just moan with extreme pleasure , I slapped my bum so he could do the same which he obliged willingly very hard as he fucked.

After around five or six minuets he withdrew from me and pointed Dave to assume the same position quick condom change an he was deep in Dave's ass and was pulled for more snogging ,we kissed again as I played with his balls while he fucked Dave who in turn had my cock in hand after a while of this it was my turn again , I was put on my back legs around his shoulders cock deep in me pounding , Dave's mouth around my cock an balls then a quick withdrawal condom off and the feel and sweet smell of hot fresh spunk spread across my cock belly and chest.

Dave then proceeded to lick an slurp it up cleaning my dick an balls ,we both then set about cleaning the last remnants of cum from his dick and shaft a salty rubbery taste but nice .

We thanked each other an they left the room, what a start I thought realising my towel was somewhere back in the dark room!

Oh well I thought as I stood naked and dripping with sweat in for a penny as the say as I re entered the dark room in an attempt to find my lost towel , the room was full of large guys again lots of hard cocks and hands , as I fumbled around the where I thought my towel was, soon I felt hands pulling me on the the bed and two cocks pushed into my face as my cock was being pulled hard fingers probing into my very wet hole .I was soon sucking the cocks one by one then together suddenly one guy withdrew and he jumped quickly up next to me climbing on top of me face down and pushing me hard into the mattress, his big cock slid straight in to me no messing ,I protested that he put a condom on ? but all I got was" fuck off bitch I wont cum in you so don't worry just enjoy " it he fucked me hard and deep for what seemed ages as I writhed under him, god it was so fucking good ! I soon forgot about the condom and enjoyed the fuck he fucked me very rough an hard (just the way I like it) just in time he pulled out an shot his large load one my ass a back , he then got off gave my bum a hard slap and said nice one bitch thanks an just walked out. I don't normally allow bear back cock but I had little choice but I have to it was a fabulous feeling heat of the moment.

I never did find my towel and had to sheepishly ask for a clean one standing naked sweaty covered in cum with an audience of bears one of which had just fucked me hard it felt horny but a little embarrassing .

Shower clean up drink water then round two.

But more later maybe.