Written by Dan Dare

22 Nov 2011

I'm a 67 yr. old man who's had my first gay experience.I've just come back from one of the Canary Islands where it happened.I was there on my own after recently getting divorced./The telly had to be paid for in my apartment and at the time I did'nt realise it included an "adult" channel.I could'nt get it working properly and asked for someone to come and check it for me.A young man came and showed me how it worked and even though he did'nt seem to speak english he turned it to the adult channel and gave me a knowing look and said'men sex','woman sex', you like'on here,then he left.

I started watching the sex and of course got a hardon,I stripped off and was layed on my bed wanking,I barely heard the knock on the door and even before I could move,I'm not as agile these days,he's back in my room,he just looked at me and smiled as he retrieved a clipboard which I had'nt even noticed he'd left near the telly.Fortunitely or unfortunitely on the telly just then was a couple of what I now know are called "shemales",I must admit I was enjoying watching what they were doing,I'd never seen anything like it before,the young telly chap assumed what seemed obvious,that I was gay.

Everything is happening so fast,I'm holding my hardon in my hand,the two on the telly are sucking each others cocks,the young chaps looking at my cock with a big smile on his face and then just utters one word,nice and then''you want me to'' moving his hand in a wanking motion,I know I should have said no but for some reason I did'nt.

He pressed a button on his mobile and spoke to someone,then switched it off.He was wearing a pair of blue overalls,funny the things you notice,he started to unbutton them,except for a unbelievably small pair of gleaming white undies,which barely contained his privates,he was naked underneath.He kicked off his shoes and let the overalls fall down from his dark young body and stepped out of them,now it was my turn to stare.I would never have thought it was possible for me to think of another mans body as gorgeous but believe me his body was gorgeous.

There was no doubt that standing there wearing just them tiny white undies was one erotic sight.As I said everything seemed to happen so fast yet I can clearly remember every detail,even though on the telly they were already fucking each other,that was something else I'd never seen before,a man having anal sex with another man,but right then it was this young man coming towards me on the bed knowing what he was intending to do was all I could concentrate on.

I could still have stopped it,I could have said no,I did'nt even know if I wanted it to happen,in all my life another mans hand had never touched my cock and almost in slow motion I knew it was about to happen.His cock suddenly came out from the top of his undies,I could actually see it throbbing as it stood proudly almost reaching his bellybutton,I could tell by the noise from the telly that somebody was ejaculating,but I was'nt interested,he was pushing his undies down his thighs in a slow sexy way.

He was completely devoid of pubic hair,his tight balls had a sheen on them,I could see the full length of his cock,it was slim,darker than his skin but the exposed head was a lovely pink,already shining with precum,I remember a thought crossing my mind,surely he can't find my thicker but slightly shorter cock attractive.

I was'nt expecting what happened next,he reached for my hand which was still holding my cock and moved it away,I could hear the sound of more ejaculation on the telly.I cannot describe the moment his fingers went around my cock,I can honestly say that I've been handled by a number of women in my life,yes I've been wanked off and sucked off by a woman,but nothing ever compared to this.

It was only the beginning,nice he said as he pushed me back flat on the bed,nice cock,he said,very nice cock,as he bent down opened his mouth and started to suck me,his fingers played with my balls as he tongued my cock.I instinctively opened my legs as his fingers crept back between them to very gently probe my anus.

I did'nt need to do anything,he was doing it,anyway I was not in control.With what seemed the littlest effort one of his knees was at either side of my head,his gorgeous cock inches above my face.had I thought about it I probably would'nt have done it,but at that moment in time it felt right,I reaced for his cock,he could no doubt feel my trembling fingers,I had another mans cock in my hand,almost not knowing what to do with it,he moved his hips pushing it in and out of my grip,I was wanking him,he was sucking my cock.

Just the slight lowering of his body told me he wanted me to suck him and once I guided his cock downwards he lowered himself until his cock was deep in my mouth and I found myself matching his sucking of my cock.I felt his eagerness and instinctively knew that he was close,I found I was fondling his young balls.His eagerness became more obvious and I responded by sucking faster and then I was experiencing my first taste of another mans semen,at first I gagged as it hit my throat but then started to swallow,the next few seconds are blurred as I started to ejaculate.

Even though I'd only wanked the previous night and I don't need to do it as often these days,I was suddenly producing more semen than I'd done for a long time.We stayed in the 69 position til we were happy that we'd emptied each other.He stood by the bed and just said,very nice,then OK I clean,pointing to his cock and the bathroom,he came back smiling and I watched as he replaced his little undies,he was gorgeous,he replaced his overalls and used his mobile to tell somebody what I can only think was that he'd fixed the telly,he pointed to the screen where a man and woman were fucking each other and shrugged his shoulders,then said,I come fix again.