Written by donjohnmale

13 Aug 2010

I had feelings for men for a long time but never had the guts to try.When I was twenty six I was working as a lorry driver that gave me more time to think about my sexual urges for guys.One day I decided to take the plunge it was around 10pm in a layby on the a40 a regular meeting place for gay men. I pulled and parked up I was so excited my cock was leaking cum like a running tap. I got out and pretended to check my trailer then got back in my sleeper cab.In a few minutes a guy appeared at the door god I couldnt get my breath for excitement I closed the curtains and invited him in my cock was out and leaking like a gud un we quickly stripped off his cock was huge there was no way that was going up my arse but god did it taste nice we got into 69 position I lasted about 4 seconds and came but was so excited my cock was still rock hard. He came just after me I thought I would choke to death there was so much cum it was the first of many cocks I was to enjoy over the following years.