Written by Aidan

25 Nov 2010

I had accepted that I was gay,finding an outlet for my sexual needs was the problem,I live in Yorkshire which thinks of itself as a very macho place.I was 19 and living at home with my mum which did'nt help matters,I was glad when I got a job away from home in Wakefield and got digs there,I lived near Sheffield.My greatest fantasy was to be seduced by an older man,to show me the ropes and be in control.

When going home at weekends I started to hitch a lift from the service area on the motorway near where I worked.I would go in the toilets and ask older guys who came in if they were going towards Sheffield,some were rather rude,I did manage a few lifts but nothing happened.

Two years ago I was returning home on a Friday morning,it was a lovely sunny day.I was wearing shorts and teeshirt,I knew my shorts were'nt the modern type,they were running shorts with the deep vent on the side of the legs,I'd cut out the inner lining bit and was wearing a pair of white thongs underneath,I got a few funny looks from a few guys but I did'nt care,to be honest I wanted sex.

The first couple of guys I asked about a lift just completely ignored me,one of them gave me that look which said "I know what you're up to".He was probably in his 60s,well dressed,I was on my own in the toilets when he came in,I was washing my hands.He stood at the urinal near the wasbasin and undid his belt then the top of his pants,he pushed down the waistband of his undies and took his cock out,even though I was pretending not to look I could'nt avoid getting an eyefull,he obviously wanted me to.

He moved his fingers along it but was'nt having a wee,I think we both knew what was happening.Are you going towards Sheffield I asked,somehow I knew he probably would be,his fingers were still moving backwards and forwards along his cock,still not having a wee,he did'nt have an erection but I could tell he was getting aroused,he'd already put 2 and 2 together,want a lift he said,please I said,somebody came in,he put his cock away and zipped himself up and looked at me before leaving.

I put my rucksack on my shoulder and followed him out,he looked back as he crossed the car park and looked at me,he went and got in a rather posh Lexus and again looked in my direction.I walked to his car and as I did he leant across and pushed the passenger door open,not a word was spoken.

I took my rucksack off and dropped it on the back seat and got in the front,still not a word was said,he watched me do the seat belt,he could obviously see that my shorts rode up completely exposing my thighs.He put his hand between his legs and blatantly adjusted his cock in his pants,looked at me and gave me a half smile,he left the car park and headed onto the motorway.

A little small talk began,but every so often he was taking a quick look at my exposed thighs,I knew that we were going to have sex,I could feel my fantasy was coming true,I could also feel myself getting an erection,the tightness of my shorts in my groin was'nt helping.Inevitably the conversation got around to sex and girls,he was testing the water,all I said was I did'nt have a girlfriend,he could draw his own conclusion.

He decided to take the next step,he reached down to get a cd nearby my thigh,his fingers touched me,he gave me a quick glance and a smile,he put the cd on,his hand went between his legs again holding what was now an erection,he saw me looking at it,his hand moved to my thigh,his eyes on the road,I opened my legs slightly which he immediately took as a sign I was willing.

His breathing had audibly deepened and increased,his fingers moved up and down my thigh and into my groin,he glanced at me and smiled.He moved his fingers onto the front of my shorts and felt my erection,that must be uncomfortable he said with them tight shorts,he pressed the release button on my seat belt and looked at me,it was pretty obvious what he wanted and so did I.

I undid the tie and pushed them down,he looked my cock just about confined in my thong,sexy was all he said,I started to take them off,no he said,leave them on just in case,I think he actually liked them,my cock was'nt fitting back in anyway,put the seat belt back on he said,he was already undoing his pants.

It was obvious from what I'd seen of his cock in the toilets that he was well endowed and he was well endowed.Fully erect it was impressive to say the least,seven/eight inches,not over thick,probably perfect for a small hand like mine,he pushed the waistband of his undies down below his balls,lifting them forward and upwards.

I'm going to have to pull off he said this is too dangerous,I think we'd better put them away until we find somewhere safer,but I'll tell you now I want to suck this off he reached across and for the first time I felt a mans fingers move up and down my cock.

We came off the motorway and I had no idea where we were going,and I did'nt care,I was content to enjoy the ride the motion of the car sufficient to keep my cock moving in and out of my hand and watching his cock move around never losing any of its hardness.

We came to a halt at what was a disused picnic area,pretty much overgrown,used to come here years ago when the toilets were in use,he was saying,even when it was illegal to have gay sex you could always find someone here to have some fun.He undid his seat belt and turned towards me and undid mine,he put his hand inside my thong and fondled my balls,if only he knew that he was the first man ever to do that to me.

He lifted my teeshirt up I raised my arms and let him take it off,except for my trainers I was wearing a little white thing which at that moment was'nt serving much of a purpose,but he seemed to like them.He started to undress,even getting out of the car to strip naked,put his clothes on the back seat and got back in,he pressed some button or lever and my seat moved gently backwards to almost the prone position.

He reached for my hand and put my fingers around his cock,I was right it was a perfect fit,but it was the first cock other than my own that I'd ever had in my hand,it was everything I'd imagined it would be,hot,strong and throbbing.He came down over me and took my nipples in turn into his mouth and sucked on them hardening them.He pushed his cock in and out of my grip,I could already imagine it in my mouth.

As he sucked on my nipples his fingers pushed my thong down below my balls holding them in position for more fondling,then his fingers wanked me in a way that fulfilled all my fantasies.What do you usually like to do he asked,his breath hot on my face,without thinking I said,it's the first time I've done this.

He lifted himself off me and looked in my face,it's your first time he said,the surprise written all over his face,yes I said but I've been wanting to do it for a long time.He stared at me,are you winding me up he said,this is your first time to have gay sex,its my first time to have any kind of sex I said,except with myself of course,you do what you want to me,thats what I want,I want you to do whatever you want with me.

Suddenly it was as if I was breakable,his fingers moved softly all over my body feeling into every crevice,he removed my thong and kissed wherever he could reach in the confines of the car,I played with his balls and his cock,realising they were becoming more urgent by the minute.

His breathing was coming in gulps as his lips and tongue explored my body,then the magic as his lips moved over my cock,the heat of his tongue on the head,then the wet hotness as took its full length into his open mouth,feeling the head twitch against his throat.I could'nt prevent myself start to push in and out,suddenly I knew I could'nt stop myself from ejaculating,I wanted to but knew I could'nt.

Even in that moment of ultimate ecstacy I was aware that he too was coming off,I felt the heat of his cum as it landed on my chest and arms.It seemed to end all too quickly,but it was only the beginning,even though he was married he invited me to spend nights with him at some lovely hotels,he was my sugar daddy,he did things with my body that I had'nt even fantsised about and encouraged me to use his for my pleasure.