Written by Harry_22

3 Jun 2013

In a chat room, I made the ‘mistake’ of telling a guy that I had been very busy very with work lately so between that and some family time, I had not had any action in a couple of months. We had met before, but like so many of us his girlfriend did not know of this side of things. He began teasing me instantly telling me how it had been a while for him as well and what a load he would have built up! He had nearly got himself caught wanking into some knickers (he never did tell me who they belonged to!), but his wife refused to put out for him. Suffice to say he was pleased to have seen me in the chatroom and we soon had each other worked up.

He remembered the location of our first meeting and he suggested that now the weather was nice again that we should meet there. I was very excited to be having a meeting after so long and my anticipation grew when I asked him what he wanted to do. His reply came back instantly, I just got to blow my load!

I showered and got ready for him. I found myself rubbing my arsehole in the shower and it twitched as I fantasised about how far this guy would go. My cock was rock hard as I got dressed, ready to really make his day, I put on full undies under my jeans and tee shirt.

An hour later I pulled up under the cover of the trees, he had a new car, but I knew his registration. The car was empty so I strolled into the woods following the trail. I could see him up ahead, off to the right and near some bushes. The tension in me mounted and my cock swelled, I felt it pop clear of my silky knickers.

“Hi Ed,” I said quietly as I approached and he turned, nodding his greeting. I could see a bulge in his trousers as he turned his back against the wall. This really did mirror our first meeting and my heart raced even more. I rounded the tree against which he leant and he smiled at me, his hand over his crotch. Ed is taller and broader than me and the same can be said of his cock. I reached for it and he moved his hand aside letting me cup it, swollen and trapped as it was.

“God, that feels nice,” I told him, “let me suck it for you?”

I dropped to my knees, moving back to let him unzip. The wrinkled skin of his aged hands contrasted to the smooth flesh he pulled free from his underpants, his impressive member drooped slightly as he let go but it bounced gently as it grew to full hardness. It looked divine as the rise of his erection pulled back his foreskin revealing his hard shiny tip, all the more invitation for my mouth. He gasped as soon as my lips connected with his fat helmet, I had made them wet so I let it slide easily between and wasted no time in closing around his shaft and sucking him in. His tip stretched my lips and filled my mouth, but my lips and the girth of his shaft was only slightly less. My cock throbbed for release and my arse twitched more, jealous I think to the filling that my other end was getting.

I was in a daze somewhat as my head bobbed on and off the few inches of him that I could get in. I tried to ease more and more into my mouth, but knew that there was no chance without my body trying to gag it back out. This suddenly was less of a worry as he pulled out,

“Shit,” he whispered, “I am going to come!”

“God, yes please!” I replied and put my mouth back on him. Straight away he twitched and I heard him grunting, stifling a cry-out. I wrapped my hand on the base of his cock and pumped him everso slightly as his mushroom got hotter in my mouth. It felt like my cock was going to burst as I waited for his come and then his hand touched the back of my head and he moaned out loud as legs locked in place and hot squirt of come went down my throat. He groaned even louder as the next squirt hit and I moaned too, his cocked moved back a bit and I gagged as the pressure changed, the next load hit and I virtually spat it straight out around his cock, relaxing just in time to keep it in as more jizz arrived in my mouth. I let it swill around before I swallowed it down to. I swallowed twice and by now I had a hand on my cock, small to the touch compared to Ed and was rubbing it through my jeans.

Ed gasped one last time and then pulled away. I felt wet around my chin and was amazed to find more come there.

“That really was a big load’” I told him, but I was surprised that he ‘shusshed’ me down.

Fearful that we were not alone I looked around, but the coast was clear in the twilight. I turned back to see Ed leaning back on the tree and slowly rubbing his still hard cock. There was a real look of concentration on his face, his eyes shut tight. It was a glorious view, his big cock glistening in the failing light and the slight sound of his foreskin catching on his ridge as he wanked.

I slowly pulled my clothes off, the cool breeze tickling over my stocking covered legs and blowing under my silk camisole top. My cock stood proud and I took a hold of it tentatively knowing that I might well explode at the slightest attention!

Ed opened his eyes and he just smiled letting out a kind of growl as he looked me up and down. I lay down on the ground, daydreaming that he would tak me, but I knew he was not into that.

“Wank for me,” he instructed and I obliged as I watched his cock as closely as I could. The distraction set me back a few strokes, but I still knew I was close. Ed knelt down between my legs and I quivered as he pulled my legs up over his. I totally lost it,

“Oh god, are you going to fuck me?” I whimpered.

“Can I?” he asked and I was amazed to see him reaching to his pocket. He pulled out a condom and a sachet of lube. I let go of my dick immediately but it twitched in the fresh air and I sought for something in my mind to keep my orgasm at bay. I closed my eyes, but they were snapped open as a pain shot through my body.

“Gently,” I cried, “it has bee a while!”

He said nothing as he pulled back and a cold squirt of lube touched my hole. I looked down to see his shaft dwarfing my cock his hand liberally putting more lube on his tip. Expectant as I was, I was relaxed now and this time when his hard tip touched me I swelled with excitement as my arsehole opened to receive him. He seemed to ‘pop’ into me and then began the sensual sliding in and out trumped only by the completely stuffed feeling deep in me. At that thought, my cock reacted and without warning a shot of come launched itself from my cock. Ed took this as a fuck me faster and as he pumped into me my cock delivered three more spurts of come, thick wads that flowed out and ran down my shaft rather than shoot out. I grabbed my still hard cock to enjoy the sensation on the tip itself, pulling myself to another climax. This time less come came, but it did shoot up, thin spurts that landed on my top. Making it cling to me. Ed pulled from and I was surprised by his sudden removal from my bum. He stayed in position and whipped off his condom. Wanking quickly, he sot more come up me and I was amazed at how big his second load was; hot liquid that soon turned cold in the open air that wet my knickers and top through. He finished off rubbing his sticky cock over my knickers and I knew he was thinking back to his nearly getting caught! We rested for a couple of minutes before straightening ourselves up and heading on home.