Written by Anthony Lee

1 Jun 2010

I don't know when I first realised I was gay,I do know that from ayoung age I liked watching men on the beach in their trunks,I would also go to the swimming baths to watch men changing or taking a shower.Sometimes in the shower an elderly chap who was a regular would almost get an erection while he was washing himself,I think he knew I was watching him but then I would get scared and leave,I always ended up masturbating that night imagining his erect cock.

I knew that men had gay sex in some public toilets and I would occasionally go in toilets to see if anything was happening but would always end up leaving if anybody even looked at me,I gave myself a talking to and decided I had to make a decision.I showered and put on my smallest whitest pair of undies,that was another little thing I had,I liked small tight undies and I liked to see men in speedos.

When I went in the toilets my heart was beating 20 to the dozen but I kept telling myself to go with the flow.There was a young chap about my own age,early twenties,standing at the far end of the urinal,he glanced quickly in my direction then away.I stood at the other end and was'nt sure even to take my cock out,I did'nt know what he was doing but he was'nt leaving.

We both seemed to be standing there for ages,neither of us making any moves.A chap walked in and stood between us,I gave him a quick glance,he was probably in his 60s,the other chap looked towards him too.I could'nt avoid peeping at him out of the corner of my eye,I could see he had his cock in his hand it was'nt erect but he was rubbing it back and forward,I could see his foreskin covering and uncovering the deep red head,he was looking at both of us in turn.

Within a matter of seconds his cock was fully erect,he was'nt a big chap but he had a sizeable cock.His balls were also out of his flies and he was holding them in his other hand,my own cock was rock solid in my hand but I still was'nt wanking myself,I still was'nt sure.I realised that the young chap at the other end of the urinal had turned towards the older chap,he was now wanking himself,they were watching each others hands as they both wanked.

They moved closer together,I was now watching them both,it was as if I was'nt there.They reached for each others cocks and started to wank each other with long slow strokes all the time watching each others hands.The older chap moved around a bit,obviously wanting me to get a better view of their cocks,I instinctively started to wank myself,I was going with the flow.

Still holding the younger chaps cock the older chap guided him towards a cubicle,I thought they were going to go inside and wank each other off.With the door wide open the older chap started to undress the younger chap,he did'nt resist,he removed his trousers and slipons and out them to one side,he undid his shirt and removed it again putting it to one side,I'd moved further along the urinal to watch them.

The young chap was left in just his undies,which I was glad to see were briefs and red,I do like red.The waistband was tucked beneath his balls pushing them outward,his cock was straight up against his tummy reaching to his bellybutton,the older chap was just rubbing a finger up and down its length touching the swollen head,it jerked every time he did that.

The older chap quickly undressed himself,he had no undies on,his large cock had a very definite life of its own,moving up and down as he removed his shirt.He got on his knees and for the first time I saw a man take another mans cock in his mouth,as he did so he pushed the young chaps undies down and off.All of the young chaps cock disappeared into the older chaps mouth,he had one hand around him holding the cheeks of his bottom the other holding his balls.

He started to move his head up and down,the younger chaps eyes were closed,he was breathing in deep gulps,I had to stop wanking myself I was getting dangerously close to cumming,I did'nt want to,this was the best moment of my life.The other young chap was cumming though,his hips started to buck he was holding the older chaps head onto his cock pumping it in and out of his mouth,just watching it I could litterally taste his spunk,I imagined it tasted just like my own.

The action slowed and stopped,the older chap gently sucked the last drops of spunk fron the young chaps cock,the younger chap let him lick him clean.The older chap stood up wanking himself as he watched him dress,they thanked each other and the young chap left,everything was almost the most normal thing in the world.

He came towards me from the cubicle and took my cock from my hand and guided me to the cubicle,I wanted him to undress me and I knew he would,I can't describe what it felt like to stand there and let a naked man remove my clothes and even better still when he said lovely knickers and then slowly removed them.

I did'nt feel in the least perturbed when a chap came in and stood at the urinal and watched us,of course he took his cock out and started wanking.I enjoyed every second leading up to the moment I knew I was being sucked off and that moment the best of all,yes I let him lick me clean.

I returned to the toilets 3 hours later having gone out and bought even sexier undies,something I got more and more into.