Written by Cefyn

3 Nov 2010

I did'nt know until recently if I was gay or not.I'm a 20 yr old man and the thought of gay sex had never occurred to me.I have had two short relationships with girls,neither of which were very successful,it was the physical side that did'nt work out.I could get an erection and I was alright with them handling it but when I tried intercourse it would suddenly go soft.I did'nt have trouble masturbating or when they wanked me I'd come off but it was when they wanted it inside it just went.

Earlier this year I was walking along a river bank away from a picnic area,I was the only person that far out.I found a little place under some trees and decided to have a bit of a rest.It was hot and sunny and I was warm.Not thinking that anybody came that far along the river I stripped down to my briefs and lay in a secluded area by the river.

I probably should'nt have done it but I put my hand inside my briefs and started playing with myself,I responded quickly and got an erection.One thing led to another and without thinking I started to masturbate,I was'nt intending to bring myself off I was just mucking around with myself.

I pushed my briefs down and was in a world of my own when a voice said,"do you think you should be doing that,this is a public place", I had'nt seen or heard him coming.I grabbed for my briefs and pulled them up trying to cover myself,I wear slips and they are on the small side so I could'nt get myself back fully into them.

He stepped down into where I was layed and stood above me.I,m the park warden he was saying and what you're doing is an offence,I was petrified,I was appologising and grovelling.I tried to reach for my clothes but he put his foot on them,it's not that easy sir he said,I have to decide what to do,he had his mobile in his hand and he was taking photos of me,if I call the police you won't be getting dressed before they get here,I was begging him not to do that.

My erection had gone down and my cock and my balls were back in my briefs.He started to look around and kept saying "I don't know,I don't know",I was still pleading.Take them off he suddenly said,I just stared at him,you heard me he said take them off.I was so confused I did'nt know what I was doing but I did'nt want to upset him,the undies,take them off,he said again,maybe you and I can come to an arrangement,anything I said,anything but not the police,I've got money in my pocket.

Stand up and take them off he said,I was completely confused but I was going to do whatever he wanted.I stood up and pushed them down,not sure why.Take them off he said,take them off,it still had'nt clicked with me,I was completely naked,he was looking me up and down.He undid the zip on his pants,even then I did'nt cop what was happening,he looked around and then his cock was in his hand,it was big and it was hard,the bulging purple head completely exposed.

He undid his belt and looked around again,I could hear him breathing in gulps,he pushed his pants and undies down to his ankles,it was the first time in my life I'd seen a man with an erection in real life,I'd seen pictures but never admitted to myself that they'd turned me on.

I was suddenly not even concious that I was naked,I was completely gobsmacked,he started to wank himself with one hand as he took photos of me.It was turning me on,I felt my cock rising and an unbelievable urge to take myself in hand,he kept looking around,even I was getting nervous somebody might come by,I did'nt want them to.

Let me see you wanking he said like you were doing earlier,a massive sense of relief was coming over me,I could see precum oozing from his cock.I wanted to wank and did,he kept taking pictures,he came close up to me,reached out and moved my hand off my cock and wanked both of us.

It was probably the best feeling I'd ever had in my life,without even thinking about it I reached for his cock,he let me have it.Al thoughts of being caught doing what we were doing faded,I'd forgotten about him phoning the police,I'm not even sure what I was thinking anymore just a feeling of pure sexual satisfaction going through my body.

I suddenly realised his body was jerking in a way I knew he was about to come off,his already large cock getting even bigger in my grip,his grip on mine getting tighter and faster.His spunk was landing up and down my naked body and then my own body reacted,ejaculating my own spunk onto him,dripping down into his undies.

It was over,I watched him take his undies off and chuck them in the river,I felt myself smiling inside,nothing was said as we both got dressed.You need to be more carefull about where you strip off he said,you never know who might come along,especially after six in the evening,he winked at me.

The photos I felt brave enough to ask,mine he said,part of my collection,nice body,see you,he walked away.