Written by Kenny

10 Aug 2009

As a 19 year old lad I was still small for my age,was,nt into the things a lot of lads at that age do.Spent a lot of time on my own,sex was,nt really on the aganda,small in that department as well,a bit of diy in bed at night but did,nt realise then that I was a very slow ejaculater.

I began to get a bit of a thing about gents public toilets,no real idea why,I,d just go in not always wanting a wee and just look around.Yes some of the graphiti and writings on the walls took my attention and I would sometimes find myself getting an erection,I would quickly leave if anybody came in.

Then on one occasion I was standing there holding my little cock in my hand reading one of the stories,did,nt realise there was somebody in the cubicle,did,nt realise there were chaps who would like to watch you.It was only when I heard the noise of the door behind me,it made me jump,I thought I was alone.I looked around,the door was partly open,there was a chap standing inside his pants and undies around his ankles holding his teeshirt up with one hand and rubbing his erect cock with the other.

I was totally mesmerised,I must admit I just stood looking at him,well at his cock really.That probably lasted only a couple of seconds then I litterally ran out of there.Like other stories I,ve read on here,something drew me back.I walked around for about 10 minutes,my hands in my pockets feeling my cock a picture of what I,d just seen in my mind.

I really was sweating as I went back in,it was only a couple of seconds before the door opened again,he was still there still rubbing on his erect cock.I had,nt taken my dick out but nevertheless felt it harden in my undies.Even if I wanted to I just could,nt do anything but look,he seemed ok with that rubbing himself faster,compared to mine his cock was huge as were his balls.

I left again,I was just too nervous.Still shaking a bit as I walked along the road a car pulled up and the passenger door pushed open,it was him,hiya young man he said fancy a lift,he was probably in his 50s,no I said I,m ok.Come on he said it,s too hot for walking.It was as easy as that,I realise now I wanted to,I got in the car.

He was talking to me but I have no idea what he was saying,he put his hand on my thigh and smiled I felt a tremor go through my body.I just sat there looking out the window as his hand moved a bit further up between my legs gently squeesing on my thigh.He took his hand away and pulled up outside a house,I,d no idea where I was.

Fancy a drink he said,come on,I followed him inside,I seemed to have completely stopped thinking,he obviously thought I knew exactly what I was doing.He poured a couple of drinks,I had no idea what it was,I gulped it down almost choking.Did you like what you saw he suddenly asked,well what could I say,I did stand looking,I nodded.

He kicked his shoes off stood in front of me and removed his shirt,the hair on his chest was wet with sweat,he undid his pants pushed them down and stepped out of them.I could immediately see he had an erection even though it was held sideways by his tight white undies.He rubbed his fingers along the length of it looking at my face and smiling.

You are shy he said with a little laugh,stand up.My knees almost buckled as I stood up,my head about reaching his chest.He reached down for the hem of my teeshirt and lifted it over my head,I raised my arms for him.I don,t have a single hair on my chest,he touched my nipples with his fingers which I immediately felt in my groin,I felt my cock move,I think up to that point I was too muddled to get an erection.

Everything seemed in a bit of a daze.He got on his knees in front of me and undid my pants,I just watched him.He looked up into my face as he pushed them down,I lifted each leg in turn as he removed them taking my slipons off with them,I was left standing in just my undies,red briefs.

He looked up into my face again as he slowly moved his fingers up the inside of my thighs then gently feeling my balls through my undies.My cock had become fully erect but compared to his was tiny,he did,nt seem to mind.He felt it through my undies and looked up at me and smiled.I could,nt believe how much I was enjoying what he was doing to me.

He very delicately lowered my undies again I lifted my legs to let him remove them.His fingers moved back up inside my thighs,I held my breath as his fingers touched my balls,I did,nt know if I could breathe again.I watched his hands, now wanting him to hold my cock,I could see his cock moving as it throbbed between his legs.

The difference in size was unbelievable,his was also much darker,mine still a very pale pink,the head of his was a deep purple.I could,nt stop my knees shaking violently as his fingers went on my cock at first just holding it,I could feel it throbbing in his gentle grip,then very slowly his fingers moved up and down it.

He kept looking up into my face and smiling,he seemed happy with it.He moved the foreskin back fully exposing the pink head,I don,t know why but I was a little embarrased to see my precum seeping out,then his finger gently rubbed it over the head.Looking back I,m surprised he made no attempt to suck me at that point,instead he stood up and pulled me towards him,at first his cock was rubbing against my stomach,he lowered himself and I felt the full size of his rub against mine,his hands holding my bottom,his breathing really loud in my ear as he rubbed from side to side,he litterally lifted me off the floor,his rubbing getting harder and harder.

I did,nt realise how far gone he was even though his breathing should have told me,my feet were off the floor,his cock went between my legs,I could feel the roughness of his pubic hair against the exposed head of my cock as he gripped me tighter,his huge cock pushing in and out between my legs,then the hot wetness.At first I thought it was just sweat but quickly realised he was coming off,grunting loudly in my ear with each come,his cock now moving effortlessly between my legs immersed in his spunk.

When he let me down,because there was a lot of spunk on both of us,I think he thought I,d also come off,I think he was a bit surprised when his cock went down and mine was still rock hard.He was embarrassed when he realised I had,nt come off,sorry he said,I,ve been selfish,how do you want me to do it.It was probably the first time I,d spoken to him,I,m ok I said I don,t mind not coming off,that was,nt really true.

Can you wait a little while he said,let mine recover and I,ll concentrate completely on yours,if it goes down I,m sure I,ll get it back up again,in the meantime I,ll get a towell and clean both of us,perhaps another drink,we sat naked.I did actually go down as we relaxed it was only when I saw his begin to harden again that mine quickly became erect,suddenly size did,nt seem to matter.