Written by Kenny

12 Aug 2009

He sat on the couch beside me,he was so big and brawny compared to my tiny frame the hair on his chest spreading down to a mass of pubic hair,something I had litterally none of,just a sprinkling of soft blonde strands.He held his hardening cock in one hand as the other slowly explored my body,his large fingers gently fondling my cock.I opened my legs giving him access to my balls,again his large fingers were so gentle as he felt each one in turn.

He looked in my face every so often and smiled,there was no need for conversation,I just watched his hand as it probed my naked body.His cock was huge again his other hand moving up and down its length,yet he seemed to be getting massive plearure from my hard but tiny cock and my hairless body.

With just his thumb and forefinger he was able to wank me gently,how often do you bring this little fellow off he suddenly asked,most days I replied.Do you like getting somebody else to do it for you,he asked as he pushed the foreskin back revealing the swollen pink head,yes I replied,why should I tell him this was the first time.

I bet you like sucking cock he said,his voice trembling,again I lied,yes I said.I bet a lot of guys have sucked this off he said as he wanked me faster,yes I said.He got off the couch and knelt in front of me pushing my legs further apart.His head went straight between my legs and his tongue started to lick my balls then managed to suck them into his mouth,he was unbelievably gentle with them,I felt the skin on my cock tighten as he sucked them fully in.

It was really good,he was wanking himself hard as he sucked on me.He released my balls,his tongue moving up the short length to the now throbbing head of my cock.I could feel his saliva running down it as he licked it all over.He took it completely into his mouth sucking on it with force,it felt like he was trying to swallow it.

His lips tightened around it as his head moved up and down,he was wanking himself furiously,his large fingers held my tiny balls.Up to that point I had stayed very still,just letting him do me,suddenly my hips took over and as I lifted off the couch his large hand went under my bottom lifting me upwards.He tried to get my balls back into his mouth with my cock,he wanted everything.

I felt my spunk rise and ejaculate and his swallowing action as he drank it down,I let him suck me dry.As my cock went down he managed to get my cock and balls into his mouth and held them there as he wanked himself off,covering his carpet in spunk.