Written by Jeremy

6 Mar 2012

He seemed to be under the impression that I knew what was it was all about,the fact that I had gone with him to his little room,he seemed surprised that I was'nt getting involved in his sexual activity,that I just sat there watching him wanking himself,to be honest I think I was in a bit of a trance,I simply did'nt know what to do,I had never before seen a man wanking and now I was in a very small space with a naked man not knowing what would happen next.

I was stupid but not stupid enough not to know that if he kept wanking he would make himself spunk,I wondered what that would look like and started to dwell on thoughts of being a girl,my secret desire was flooding back into my mind,if I was a girl he would be able to spunk inside me.

I could feel my own cock was fully hard,but I did'nt really want it to be there at all,I wanted access between my legs for a cock like the one he was standing there naked wanking deep inside me,he must have been wondering what kind of weirdo I was,seemingly happy to just sit and watch him wank.

What do you want to do he suddenly asked,I don't want to push you into doing anything you don't want to do,it almost made it worse,I did'nt know what I wanted to do,I did'nt actually wank myself that often,even though at that time I did'nt know how often wanking was the norm.

If you don't want to do anything this time I'm going to have to wank myself off and give you a bit of time to think about it,I don't know why but I found myself appologising for not getting involved,its OK he said,perhaps the next time,I'm going to wank off.

He was'nt peeping through the hole now he was standing in front of me his hand moving faster and faster on his cock,watching my face as I watched his hand.His hand stopped moving and his fingers tightened around his cock,his hips started to jerk and it was the first time other than my own that I saw a man spunk off,I did'nt know if he was spunking a lot or a little,again I had no idea what was normal.

He stood there his hand moving slower and slower as his cock started to subside,he found some tissues and drained off the last of his spunk and wiped himself,I really needed that he said,back to work,he climbed back into his overalls.

Will you be in the park tomorrow he asked,he smiled when I said yes,he looked through his peephole and said it's OK them two are wanking,it's OK to leave,they made no attempt to hide their actions as we left,one of them smiled and nodded to the cleaner.

I did meet him the following day and went back to his "office" with him,I had already made up my mind I wanted to be naked with him,I needed a man to put his hands on me,I wanted him to caress me,to touch me and I hoped he would want to do that.

Sorry must stop again.