Written by Sean Bui

29 Jul 2011

It started with being nosey.I'm young with time on my hands.Why I went in the toilets I ca'nt remember,I,d been in there before and there was something about the place,if there was nobody in and I'd go in the cubicles and read the stories on the wallsI don,t know if I knew what they were all about.Then I,m in there this day and I think the place is empty,I go in the first cubicle and see if theres any new stories,theres nothing so I open the door into the other one.It never crossed my mind that anybody would take all their clothes off in a toilet,suddenly I,m looking at this naked guy with a huge stalk on and I just about knew that what he was doing was wanking,I was a devout catholic and even though I tried hard not to wank myself I did it when I just could'nt stop myself and then I hated having to go to confession and tell the priest,who used to ask me what I was thinking about when I did it and if I always did it to myself or did I let other boys do it to me.

I remember standing there looking at him doing it for what was probably only a few seconds but seemed longer,I realised afterwards that he wanted me to see him doing it,but of course I got out of there fast.The thing was I could,nt get what I,d seen mih doing out of my head,I think just the size of his cock and the way his balls were moving as he did it seemed to embed itself on my brain.I remember in bed that night trying to keep my hands off my own cock,I could,nt stop it getting hard but I knew if I put my hand on it I,d end up wanking myself.

I ended up doing something I probably should'nt have done,I bought two cans of strong cider from a supermarket and went to this park where the toilets were,I suppose being a bit of a loner did'nt help,I found a quiet corner and proceeded to drink this cider,I,d never really drank in my life before,I could feel myself getting completely relaxed,probably pissed and as there was nobody about I put my hand inside my trousers and started to play with my cock.The next thing I know I,m in the toilets in a cubicle and I've taken all my clothes off and I'm reading the stories and looking at the pictures on the walls and I'm happily wanking myself.

I'm sure it was the same guy that I'd seen in there naked who has suddenly opened my door,thers no locks on them,I tried to push it shut but instead I ended up falling over,I can still remember hearing him saying be careful young man you'll hurt yourself and he was helping me back onto my feet.He's in the cubicle with me sitting me on the loo and then standing me up saying he would have a look at me to see if i'd injured myself anywhere,he's turning me around feeling me all over asking me if it hurts there or there,I do'nt know what the priest would have made of me then but I was totally enjoying this guy feeling and probing me,well you've not injured that I remember him saying as he felt my cock which had no intention of going down as his hands moved to my balls and then between my legs.

I can just remember him taking his clothes off and I can remember enjoying wathing him doing it,for some reason it felt that iff he was naked too it would be alright.I was fairly sure it was the same guy when I saw his cock,compared to my own it looked huge but I put that down to the fact that he was a fully grown man so of course his cock would be bigger.I remember somebody else half opening the door and seeing both of us naked but for some reason I was'nt in the least worried about being naked after all the other guy was naked as well and he just slowly closed the door again he did'nt even hurry doing it and the guy outside was just smiling at us.

He started to handle me all over and I was enjoying it,he put my fingers around his cock,they just about went around it,and started me wanking him and I was more than happy to do it,he moved my hand onto his balls,I loved it all the time he was feeling me giving me a wank and then stopping,he kept asking if he was hurting me but he was,nt I liked what he was doing to me.The guy who was outside opened the door again and stood there watching what we were doing to each other,he had his cock out of his trousers and was wanking himself,that was the first time I saw a guy come off,he started to wank really fast and then came off all over the floor.

I didnt try to stop him when he went on his knees and took my cock in his mouth and started sucking on me,he was holding and feeling the cheeks of my bottom.I knew I was going to come off and made no attempt to stop myself,what I'd have to say in confession never crossed my mind,but I was never going to tell the priest a man had sucked me off.

I kept coming off for ages and he kept sucking me and I did'nt really want him to stop.I could see he was wanking himself,then I saw him come off all over the floor.

He pushed the door closed while we both got dressed,I went back there regularly and there was always some guy who to do sex with,my favourites were the ones who liked to be naked when we were doing it.