Written by Jamie Tee

23 Apr 2010

He looked pleased when I opened the door to him wearing just a pair of tiny knickers,once inside his hands were all over me,getting my cock rock hard in a matter of seconds,he didn't need a hand with his clothes he just pulled them off,he was rampant,we ended up on the floor doing some fun wrestling every couple of moves having a suck on each others cocks,we did eventually suck each other off.

He asked me if I fancied going somewhere with him on Sunday,he wouldn't say where.I don't drive so he said he would pick me up,he asked me if I had any other girls undies except the knickers,which I didn't.He asked me if he brought some other stuff around would I wear the full lot,that was something I'd fancied doing for a long time.

He phoned me on Sunday morning,I was still in bed,I like my bed in the morning,I just lay there waiting for him giving myself a lazy wank.You're ready he said when I opened the door,he came inside took hold of my cock and gave me a wanking,I hope you have'nt already come off he said laughing I wouldn't want you to be wasting that lovely spunk.

He had a carrier bag with a selection of undies,they were gorgeous,I'd never worn a bra,as he put it on me I really had to get a grip on my cock to stop myself spunking.Just wearing the bra he turned me around looking me up and down,theres a lot of men would give their right arm to fuck you now he said,don't let that come off,he knew why I was holding my cock tightly.

He took his pants and briefs off as he finished getting me ready,his own cock looked at bursting point,giving him a wank took my mind off my own.He knew his way around girls undies,you look fantastic he said when he'd clipped the stockings to the suspender belt,I'd say you're super fuckable,I could fuck you myself right now but it will be better later.

We got dressed and left the house,I asked him where we were going but wouldn't tell me,you'll like it he said.After about half an hour we pulled off the road onto a side road,a bit further on it was a smaller side road,I felt a little panic,he sensed it,its OK he said you'll enjoy this.

There was a bit of a car park with three cars parked up,they were all empty,I knew what was going on,I'd heard about places like this,come on he said as he got out of the car lets go and have fun.We headed into some trees,he knew exactly where he was going,we got to a well trodden secluded place,there was a lot of tissues and condoms on the ground.

I promise you you'll enjoy this he said as he started to undress me,I was quickly wearing just my girls undies,I was nervous my cock wasn't hard it was in the knickers.It helped when he got himself naked,his cock rock hard.He went behind me and took me in a grip his fingers in my knickers wanking my quickly hardening cock,within seconds we had company.

He walked into the clearing completely naked a rucksack on his back wanking himself as he did so,you're right he said he is fuckable,very fuckable.I suddenly realised what this was all about,the other two have got themselves one as well,I've just been watching them getting him ready to fuck,they've got a naked one,I think I prefer this one in the underwear.

Have to finish for now,I've just spunked all over the carpet thinking about what happened next.