Written by Jamit Tee

25 Apr 2010

Jaynecd asked if they fucked me,did they ever but not before they played with me.They walked around me discussing whether they fancied fucking me in the full girls undies or would they first strip me naked,both their cocks were rampant and jerking.The newcomers name was Joe,at least thats what my chap called him.

Joe suggested that I should suck both their cocks for starters,then they had a bit of a laugh deciding whos cock I should suck first,something told me I wasn't going to have a say in what was going to happen,to be honest I was happy to go with the flow,both their cocks were beauties and I was more than willing to suck them.

I want him to suck mine with the girly undies on Joe said and I want to fuck him naked,sounds good to me my friend said but before we start I'd like to have a suck on his,I really needed that.Don't try sucking him off Joe said,you've done that with lads before and spoilt the fun and anyway I think its my turn to suck this one off.

You can have a play with him while I'm sucking him,get to know him a bit better.Joe went behind me and put his arms around me his fingers going up inside my bra pinching gently on my nipples,my friend got on his knees in front of me and lowered my knickers,he took my balls in one hand and my cock in the other and fed it into his mouth.

Joe watched him and again said don't suck that off,he moved his hands down my front feeling the part of my cock that wasn't in my friends mouth,I bet your'e fucking enjoying that he said.His hands came around my hips and squeesed on my arse cheeks,these are fucking beauties he said,this is asking for a real fucking.His fingers went between my cheeks and probed my hole,I reckon this ones a virgin he said,I might have to toss you for first go,he laughed at his own pun.

Let me have a suck on that he said,you,re being fucking greedy as usual,you can have a suck on mine while I'm sucking it,he proceeded to suck me while my friend sucked on his.Right bitch he suddenly said time to do your bit,I want that young sexy mouth around my cock,he stood up put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me onto my knees,suck my big cock you sexy bitch,hold my balls tight while you're doing it,suck me you bitch suck me.

I didn't know why he was being so aggressive,I was more than happy to suck his cock and squeese his balls.I sucked them both in turn,they were both oosing precum and spunk.Joe pulled me to my feet and started to rip my undies off and I mean rip,I'm going to fuck him now he grunted,I'M GOING TO FUCK HIM NOW,HOLD HIM.

Between them they bent me over,I could feel the lubricant being rubbed into my arsehole then a finger going inside me,two stretched my virgin arsehole and hurt a little.I felt the heat and throbbing of his cock as he pushed it hard,it hurt like fuck as the head pushed its way into me,so much so that I wasn't aware that the rest of his cock was deep up my arse.

The lubricant helped,the pain subsided and I started to enjoy his cock moving in and out,I could feel my own spunk rising my cock wanting to burst.Come on shoot you're fucking load my friend said,I need to get mine in there before it fucking comes off.

He started to bang into me,I suddenly felt nothing but sheer pleasure.He shouted loudly as he shot his load inside me,come on my friend said finish fucking cumming I can't last much longer.I felt his cock leave my arse,hold him my friend said,I hardly felt his cock enter me,it slipped in on Joes spunk.He immediately started to bang and then spunk,his arm came around me and wanked my cock,I came instantly.

Being a bitch is a lot of fun,I'm going to wank myself off now.